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    Summary: great weekend on ol’ Ronyay! 4 us summited Sunday morning in the hot sun and some high winds. Everything went smooth except for a freak binding issue that almost killed a friend on skis. He ended up ok and we all made it home safe. This was my 3rd time on top and second snowboard descent. Stoke is high!

    Details: Sara and I Left White River CG sat am at 6:30 to avoid some of the predicted million degree heat.

    Turned out to be pretty cloudy all day and that made travel easier. We went super slow and got to Camp Schurman at 2:30pm. Conrad and Jackson met up with us at that afternoon.

    View up from camp

    Sweet alpenglow over Puget Sound

    This was my first trip up this side of the mountain and it was siiick. So wild with the HUGE crevasses on the Emmons and the sweet views of Glacier, Baker, Puget Sound, etc.

    Panoramic of Schurman

    Left camp at 3:30 under clear, windless skies. Sun rose just after 5 and we’d made it to about 11,000′

    Little T

    We made quick progress booting up the semi frozen corridor

    Almost there!

    aaaand 6 hours out of camp, Sara’s first Rainier summit!

    The views were better than I’ve ever seen. You could clearly see from Jefferson and Hood up to Baker and Shuksan.


    The top 1,500′ was BULLET PROOF. Definitely was survivor skiing. We were moving slow and arresting anytime we wanted to stop.

    So, this is the LAST photo from the trip.. the skier on the right is about to ski the next section, from about 13,500′ down.

    A few turns in and his ski bindings ripped out. Both of them! He was suddenly sliding downhill, uncontrolled, above a crevasse that could fit the Space Needle. After a few hundred feet and multiple attempts he was able to self arrest with a whippet. It was scary.

    The other three of us stopped where we were, tied into a couple anchors and transition from boards to crampons. It took a little while but we eventually got roped up and climbed down to our friend. He was a little bloody where the ice had scraped his face during the fall, but other than that he was uninjured – just shaken up. It was a close call. He’s a good friend; one of the best skiers I’ve ever ridden with and he’s been on this route at least 3 times, so for it to nearly take his life was a surprise to say the least.

    We climbed down to the major crevasse crossing at 13,000′. From here on down the snow was actually really good. The other three decided to finish the downclimb to camp and I decided to ride. I felt safe from here on down and the snow was rippable. I don’t have any pics because I rode down solo, but it was fun and I played it safe.

    Kyle Miller was at camp melting gallons of water so I just hydrated and waited for the group to catch up. There is still snow all the way to Glacier Basin camp but past that it is pretty dirty and not really rideable.

    Overall, glad everyone made it home! Another great weekend in the Mountains.

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    Awesomely done! Beautiful scenery and weather!

    Super scary about the ski binding rip out. Glad everyone made it ok though.

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    :disco: YEA CONNOR!!! :disco: Super scary about the “skier”. Conrad? Shit, glad he’s ok! :bananas:

    Sick picture of Adams, great image of the NFNWR.

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    Damn rainier looks fun as hell!

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    Just a sobbering heads up.

    Someone did slide and die on the emmons route recently.

    Nice work on your summit though.

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