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    Work sent me to the east coast for a while and I won’t be back in WA til June, but I’m hoping/planning to do rainier(muir maybe if its possible) around mid that month. Can any of you guys that have exp. with that area around that time frame give me some advise on what to expect as far as conditions and what type of gear to take? If anyone wants in on the trip let me know, it’d be sweet to meet up with some folks from the forum.

    christoph benells
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    june can still be pretty stormy up on the volcanoes, though it seems like this year the summer clear weather may come earlier. usually it comes at july 4th.

    expect to have to wait out weather for a minute. snow could be refrozen, corn, windboard, powder or anything in between.

    if you see a week of forecasted high pressure with freezing levels in the 12-15,000 ft range you’ll be golden for an epic descent.

    if there are some clouds and freezing levels 10,000 ft or lower it’ll be a gnarly ride, on not fun snow, unless it has snowed recently with low winds.

    however, if the freezing level is lower there are plenty of other good options around like eldorado ice-cap or mt. baker.

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    Christoph must be new to the northwest…we only have 2 seasons around here:
    The rainy season and the 5th of July! 😆

    Other than that his advice seems to be spot on.

    christoph benells
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    as far as gear to take

    glacier travel kit (with knowledge on how to set up pulley systems etc.)

    20 degree sleeping bag

    closed cell foam sleeping pad

    3 or 4 season tent, megamid or bivy (muir shelter is usually full)

    stove (white gas or one with pressure regulator)

    waterproof shells

    steel crampons and mountaineering axe (hard boots if you got em)

    glacier glasses, sunscreen


    extra set of warm mitts

    big puffy jacket

    If youre spending the week prior down at sea level an extra day at 10,000 ft will help you acclimate, and not puke on the way up.

    hit me up when you got some dates set! i’m gonna be focusing on rainier as much as possible this volcano season.

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    Thanks for the advise guys. Guess I still need to buy more Gear but got plenty of time. I don’t plan on camping out at muir, just wanna make it up there and hang out for a while then ride down. I’ll probably stay down closer to paradise. When it gets closer to then ill make another post to see if we can maybe get more folks interested in going

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    I thought summer didnt start officially until july 23?

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