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    Lake Tahoe Community College registration is open today for students who were enrolled last quarter (11/28 ), tomorrow for students who have enrolled before (11/29 ) and Friday (11/30 )for new students.

    They have a decent Wilderness Education department

    AIARE Level 1 – $33 I think (it’s $13 a unit + $9 materials fee + health fee + enrollment fee)
    1/18 – 1/20 – 12 spots left
    2/22 – 2/24 – 18 spots left
    3/14 – 3/16 – 16 spots left … these will go up

    AIARE Level 2 – I think this is about $40
    2/8 – 2/10 – 6 spots left

    Avalanche Avoidance and Rescue 1/12 (just a one-day class) $10
    David Beck teaches this … I took it in November and he rambles a bit but if you ask good questions he is really good. He’s written some old-school ski-touring books and has plenty of stories to tell about his experiences with Monty Atwater and Ed LaChapelle, among others …

    Plenty of other cool Wilderness Education classes, just check the schedule

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    Those classes sound like a great deal if you can get in on them. ASI is up to $395 for the 3 day Avy 1 primer, and while it is a very good course, it is getting prohibitively expensive IMO.

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    I actually emailed the college about the level 1 last night. Its a great deal. Haven’t heard back yet.

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    @ride_pow wrote:

    I actually emailed the college about the level 1 last night. Its a great deal. Haven’t heard back yet.

    What did you need to know? Their online registration system is super easy but I think it only works from 7 AM to 11 PM or something like that. Pay by credit card.

    … funny, I didn’t realize the thread titles get truncated. The text entry box allows more characters than the actual thread title can handle!

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    I was just wondering about registering as a non-california or nevada. Do I need to fill out the whole college application for just one class? If I do, I was wondering about what to put as my expected degree and field of intersest since I have already done the whole college thing.

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    Thanks Schralph.. I hope there’s still room in Avy II for me tomorrow. I think you have to fill out an application to get in the system and after that it’s easy to take more courses.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    nevada resident “good neighbor” fees are $28 a unit:

    This, plus $4 in quarter fees makes the class just under $50.

    You should be able to submit an application online, and I recommend you do that before registering tomorrow so that you can get your ID# and pin#

    I don’t remember what I did for a major … if Continuing Education was an option I may have put that, or whatever, Wilderness Education works too =)

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    Since I am a Montana resident the cost is a bit higher. I’ll most likely take this course at home (only $150). This is the reply I got from admissions if it helps anyone else out.

    Hello Roger,

    Yes, you can take that course. You will have to pay out of state fees. The fees will be $138.00 per unit. That course has 1.5 units so the charges would be $207.00 plus $3.00 insurance, plus $9.00 material fees and $1.00 student representation fee. You do need to fill out a new student application and as to what degree you’re seeking, it’s up to you what you want to say. Perhaps you need to speak with a counselor and you can reach them at (530) 541-4660 ext. 231 or by email at .
    Please let me know if you need anything else.


    Reyna Reger
    Admissions & Records

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    Ride Pow – If it is an option, regardless of cost, take the class in Montana. Studying snow in a continental snowpack will give you much more insight than a maritime snowpack, which often times is bomber top to bottom. Seeing faceted layers with large temp. gradients will help you be better able to read any snowpack, rather than studying what will most likely be well bonded layers in Tahoe. I would also recommend a 40 hr. course over 4 days (AIARE is only 24 hrs.) That being said, anybody in the Tahoe area should definitely get into a class at these prices, way too many uneducated people out in the BC, endangering the lives of others without even realizing.

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    Thanks for the heads up on this. I have been looking for avy classes.

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    @mtnman wrote:

    If it is an option, regardless of cost, take the class in Montana… I would also recommend a 40 hr. course over 4 days (AIARE is only 24 hrs.)

    Thanks! Calling on a course today. I’ll make a new thread in case others in the area are interested.

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    Sage words, mtnman.

    David Beck teaches the Winter Survival and one-day Avalanche basics class and he isn’t a big fan of AIARE training because he thinks it’s very heuristic (if A then B) as opposed to getting people into the Bruce Temper “think like an avalanche” mantra. I’m not so into non-analytical pedagogy either, but for $40 it’s more things to throw into the training portfolio.

    For more intensive training, Beck recommended AAA courses:

    (Also, I previously and incorrectly assumed that ridepow had recently moved to Tahoe …)

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    imho don’t waste your time w/ dave becks class unless you just want to meet a sierra bc legend. super nice guy w/ great stories but you won’t get much useful avy info out of it. or at least i didn’t.

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    all classes full

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