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    Is the Prowder interface lighter than Voile?

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    Anybody have experience on the tip/tail hooks? Stiff? Do they stay closed? Heavy?

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    So me and a buddy picked up this interface. He has more time on it than I do. According to him the tip and tail clips don’t seem to perform better or worse than the karakoram or voile. They did seem a little hard to close but that could be that he had them screwed down tight. In my opinion the voile clips seem to work the best and easiest however may also be the first to need replacement.

    The cowboy clips seem a little funny to me. The work fine but again not a huge improvement over the other two. The strap to release them is nice. The best thing about them is that they can have a little play or wiggle room with them. If you have a split that is slightly off between the halves due to poor tolerances you can adjust this. My buddy’s solution used to not line up perfectly at the nose due to the way that the karakoram clips were installed. Now it does.

    The sadles are pretty cool. The absolute best thing about them is the possibility of cutting a DIY and using the normal board holes. IMHO this is the main reason to get the prowder set up. They do take a little set up time like everything. They do not seem to slide on as smooth as voile pucks and can feel like they grind away at my sparks but they don’t seem to be doing any harm. They are a little harder to get on in the garage than on the mountain??? temps??? Can’t say that we have noticed a different feel or improvement in ride quality….. I pretty much plan on using them on my DIY boards that I make for early season riding conditions.

    Weight – haven’t used a scale but I my hands the whole interface seems heavier. If you are comparing just the pucks I think its pretty close but the cowboy clips and hoss hooks are heavier than the other options out there.

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