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    I have this burton un inc 158 . I am trying to find someone that can cut this possibly. One major problem is this burton has 12 single inserts on center line.water jet??? $$$$??? I will only do if this is done by a split board surgeon. Thanks for any input.

    Huck Pitueee
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    mjomo done001 by Huck Pitueee, on Flickr

    sierrachub015 by Huck Pitueee, on Flickr

    moosfinal038 by Huck Pitueee, on Flickr

    I’m building custom stuff in Grass valley. If all else fails I could help you .

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    Those.. are.. beautiful. :drool:

    Huck Pitueee
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    Thanks! I’m counting the minutes till tomorrow’s adventure. That one with the s on the deck is going for a trip.

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    Those are stunning boards!!

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    I’ve cut Burton boards with a carbide tip circular saw no problem but 12 inserts …huh, could get too hot and start melting the p-tex and burn the core, maybe not. I’m guessing the 12 inserts are for their newer bindings? Burton just has to be different,.

    @ huck pituee, Those boards are amazing, nice machining on the hooks too. The last one kinda remind me of a classic Tahoe woody boat.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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