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    I assume I am not the only one to notice but couldn’t find any feedback so I am putting it out there.

    In the video “” at ~1:36 when explaining the installation of the “thin plastic shim” under the heel riser the explanation is incorrect. They advise to install the shim with the flat section toward the nose. If the shim is installed this way you cannot use the crampons in fixed mode. The wire ends will also be very close to the shim edge and have less surface support/contact. Also the Voile-USA stamping on the shim would be upside down.

    Sent Prior an email; I assume the video is new?

    I apologize in advance if the above is already known/on the forum somewhere.

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    I didn’t even bother to watch the video as I already know how to set up a splitboard. That is some funny stuff if you are (*I still haven’t watched it) right.

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    Good catch fusion! I just watched the video just for this and they are definitely setting up the wires incorrectly. It sounds like the voice over is saying to do it correctly though.

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    Yeah, D-RAT you are right… they state it correctly but don’t do as they say… the person in the video must not be familiar with splitboards….

    Do as they say, not as they do….

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