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    I have been riding 07/08 Voile Mojo 166 for the past few years in PNW. Good board, apart from the fact that I sink much earlier than any of the people I am riding with. I am 6’1″ and weight 160lb (~195lb with gear). It’s well within the recommended limits for this size board. As the lifespan of my board is nearing its end, I decided to get Prior Khyber on REI sale. I am not sure about what size I should get. Is the shape/flex of Khyber enough to compensate and 165 should be sufficient, or should go I go 170? Can you share your experiences?


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    I weigh the same and have been riding a 160 Khyber split (camber) for the last 3.5 years. If your main concern is simply flotation you should no issues with the 165. Hell I’d even point you in the direction of the 160 which has never had any problems planing for me. The fat nose, setback, and taper, just keeps you on top. The rocker should make you float even better.

    The only reason I’d go for the 165 is if you want the slighter (1/2 meter) longer turning radius. 170 would be overkill in my opinion and start to counteract a lot of the Khyber’s naturally playful character as a quick turning powder slasher.

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    P.s. most of my riding has been in the Sierra so snow quality is pretty similar.

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    I weigh about 210 and I bought a 170 Khyber last year for use here in the Wasatch. At my weight, I tend to use my 178 Spearhead on deep days but I think the 165 would work great for you.

    The shape on the Khyber really makes it feel like a much shorter board so you might as well get the added float and edge length of the longer board.

    Given the typical snow density in the PNW, the 165 is going to give you a lot of float on fresh days and still be maneuverable.

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    Thanks for your replies. I think I am going to go with 165!

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    Rode A 165 full Camber Kyber for the last 3 years, Float is definitely NOT going to be a concern. I would easily ride a 160 (I weigh 175lbs) as it floats great and but would prefer to have the shorter board for maneuverability

    Anyway you’ll enjoy whatever size you get.

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