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    Has anyone tried the Prior Fissle? How does the Fissle compare to the Hovercraft? The Fissle represents itself as long board posing as a short board:

    The Fissile split, brand new for Winter 2012, is truly a unique offering. It has a directional, powder profiled nose that is longer than anything else in the Prior lineup; it also comes with the shortest radius sidecut of any board we make. This crazy combination has an early rise tip for enhanced powder float and a firm chassis underfoot for superior edge hold and stability. Shift your weight to the front foot and straightline with speed or shift back and turn on a dime. It’s crazy good!

    The Hovercraft represents itself as a short board posing as a long board:

    Packing the volume of an old-school long board into a nimble all-mountain charger, the Hovercraft is a phenomenon that shatters the stereotypes of your average “pow” board. Blower, crud or crust are no match for the Hovercraft as it floats through it all without sacrificing maneuverability in mixed conditions.

    Can a comparison be made? Has anyone tried both.

    REI (an SB sponsor) has the Fissle at 44% discount and REI members can add another 20% discount to the sale price (good till April 15).

    I really like both boards!

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    That is a great price. Get the fissile on price alone. Hell, get two for that price.

    Can a comparison be made? Well… Are you a big dude wearing a pack and riding snow deeper than say 10″? Then you want the fissile. Are you a smaller dude riding snow that isn’t super deep? The Hovercraft is fun in those conditions.

    The fissile is what it says it is. The person who wrote the blurb for the Hovercraft is bad at math. The hovercraft just isn’t getting it done when the snow gets super deep. It is in fact a short board.

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    At the Canuck splitfest back in January, Prior has the Fissile board to demo and while I did not demo it personally, my touring partner did (regularly rides a Mojo 71 I think) and he couldn’t stop drooling over it. He said it was the best board he’d ridden and it handled fantastic in powder and surprisingly well in tighter tree’s. Speaking with him and others who’d ridden it, I don’t htink it would be a bad choice to add to the quiver – especially on the cheap.

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