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    Hey guys,

    I am going to try to stop by the Prior factory and have a look. I guess they give full tours during the winter, I don’t know why they do that – I would be doing the testing phase then! But they can show some key steps during the summer months, so I may stop by. Has anyone gone before? Seems pretty cool – I’ll take some pics where allowed.

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    Thinking of doing this in January!

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    Looks like the factory tour is more official during the season, so maybe I’ll check that out when I come up this year to do some snowboarding during the winter. I’ve decided to check out Vancouver island instead and check out the hot springs in Tofino and do some cycling.

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    I’ve been there…it’s pretty cool, but probably not exactly what you are expecting. You can see it even in the summer, it’s all open from the shop part of it so stop by anytime

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    I was enjoying the sunshine too much to go do something inside. Maybe next time!

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    Nat and I did the tour. any splitter will love the tour and get a first hand look at how they make their boards.

    then there is the fact that there are tons of boards and splits to :drool: over.

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