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    Thinking about taking advantage of the deal at REI right now. Me = 6′-4″, 185 lbs, size 12/13.

    Backcountry 165?
    Khyber 165?
    Khyber 170?

    Looking for a go anywhere board in the PNW, mostly for spring touring… I am hoping to get a Hovercraft 160 split for next winter.

    Thanks for helping me overthink!

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    Khyber (what I have) quicker turning, more surf style board I guess, good in trees, floats like crazy. Good for basically everything still, steep ect. I dont think you would need the 170 though, I ride 160 at 145lbs, so 165 would be good.

    Backcountry is more a traditional all around shape, better for firm conditions, will ride powder just fine( has rocker), and arcs little bigger turns. Better shape for touring as its a little less wide, but not by much. Steep and firm, Backcountry more suited. Deep, trees, meadow skipping, Khyber more suited.

    Tough choice you have, I can ride either of those and be ultra happy :thumbsup:

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    There is also the Prior Spearhead 166 and Jones Solution 168 if anyone wants to chime in on those?

    Like I said, ideally I will be adding a Hovercraft to the quiver next winter for sidecountry/tree runs/shorter laps/deep pow. Right now I am looking for a more mixed condition/all over/some steeps board to keep up with my skiing buddies this spring.

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    Well if your going to get a hovercraft split, then there is not much sense getting a second powder board (Khyber), so you should get the backcountry :thumpsup: (out of the Prior lineup anyways).
    They will both tour the same, maybe a micro advantage with backcountry being narrower by a little.

    The Backcountry board from Prior is essentially the mens freeride in a split version. Never rode the spearhead myself, I think its fairly powder oriented as well.

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    For mostly spring touring you’ll be much happier on Backcountry than a Khyber.

    That, plus the hover split would be an excellent split quiver.

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    Personally, I like to have the Prior Fissle for $610 44% off at REI, Remember to add the 20% REI Member’s discount to the sale price (good through April 15, 2012)

    I wonder how the Fissle compares to the Hovercraft?

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    The rei discount doesn’t apply to snowboards. FYI.

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    ^Found that out the hard way. Else I would have had a couple more sticks

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    Thanks for the responses, I ended up buying the BC 165 and a Zephyr 169 since they were available for cheap. It has been fun comparing the different shapes and rockers between the two and also against my solid Rossi Experience 168 and split Lib Tech Mullet 172 pre banana.

    Anyone have experience on both boards and care to sway my opinion on which one to keep? I am slightly concerned that the BC will be too small for me… but REI does not have the 168 and it’s only 3cm so maybe I won’t notice.

    I have the Mullet for deep days and maybe a Hovercraft next year, so this board would be primarily used for spring conditions, longer tours, and steep Kyle Miller style stuff (eventually :wink:).

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    I had a 162 MFR (Prior’s solid of the BC) and a 159 Zephyr solid this past season. I weigh 145 pounds.

    The Zephyr is a more aggressive board. It is beefier and quite a bit stiffer both torsionally and longitudinally than the MFR. It had a lot more edge grip than the MFR which is good sometimes and bad sometimes. It has so much grip that it lacked a playfulness that I am after in softer snow. For firmer snow, its grip would be very helpful.

    Of the two, the MFR was more playful in powder (but not a great powder board) and better at slower speeds. The Zephyr is much more of a charger and would be better on steep spring snow. I did not like it in powder. The 159 was too stiff for me, especially in the tail. I did not keep either one. If the flex was softer for me, I expect I would have really like the Venture.

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