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    This may be old hat for some of you veteran splitters, but I figured while I was doing some board maintenance might as well snap some pics and pass on a few preseason tips for rookies. (pics at bottom post)

    TIP 1:
    My 2009 Mojo doesn’t have the tightest center seam, but more than anything, it and the newly acquired older swallowtail have board halves that want to wander fore and aft.
    This is best observed at the tip and Chinese hooks when your binders are on in board mode. You’ll see the tips misaligned (one forward of the other), and/or a gap between the fingers on the Chinese hooks. If so you can probably tighten things up by doing the following.

    Get out the puck alignment tool and set up the pucks normally, check for slider/spark fit, and tighten the heel pucks. Leave the toe edge pucks just loose enough that you can still slightly slide the puck tip to tail with some force.

    Now, one binder at a time slide the slider plate over the heel puck. Simultaneously (it might help to get another set of hands) slide and hold the board halves so the Chinese hooks have no gap.
    While still holding the board halves tight, slide the binder onto the toe puck as well. Again, screws should be tight enough not to totally misalign, but have just enough play to allow the slider onto the toe puck.
    Then, back the slider off the toe edge puck and tighten screws. It might take a couple of tries, but I just performed this on the old ST and its pretty tight.

    TIP 2:
    Clean, reapply locktite to, and tighten the touring bracket screws.

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    Cool thanks for the tips!!

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    Good post/info snurfman! :headbang:

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    Hey, that was useful! Thanks!

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