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    Jimw, being a good ambassador of the plateau hooked me up with w/ Steve (breadbox) and Kevin Smith (guy in pics in bcd’s book) to climb third pillar. We thought it would be good, but it turned out to be highly variable. So, we decided to walk over and check out powerhouse and every line was $$$. A great day and a great run. Nice to ride w/ a couple of strong rippers and impressed w/ breadbox’s circa 1943 K2 eldo, 170cm, DYI splitty :thumpsup:. That thing has seen some days!!!

    one day I will climb that beauty!:



    Did a long day solo out of south lake the next day. Good snow down there too. Upper part of north faces were a bit scoured, but overall it’s going off. It went from bluebird to a convective type weather pattern w/ socked in peaks, flat light, and flurries so no pics or vid.

    Found this nugget :drool: but my swollen fallopian tubes kept me to mellower terrain this day 🙂 :

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    Man, you guys scored! That breadbox guy does OK on that beat up old board, huh. 🙂 I’ve never done that entrace because it’s always been in bad shape when I’ve been there. Which is probably why it was good for you guys. I’m beginning to see a pattern here… Stoked for you guys, and not jealous at all!! :banghead:

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    Good news Brooks…3rd Pillar (along with some other killer routes) is on the climbing list for this season!!! So dust off your rope and climbing gear and start building up that should of yours so we can “git er done!!!”

    Wicked riding this week. As always, we can count on you for some great video footage. Nice chute!!! Gonna have to get those tubes tied soon though…Hahaha

    Got Shasta on the brain… and a new ride to try out on it :thumpsup:

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    plateu stoke :thumpsup: :thumpsup:

    so where is this place anyway?

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    This was my favorite single line of the season, I think. That was awesome to watch the POV of your descent, Brooks. I’ll have to get the clip I shot from lower down uploaded soon, they belong together.
    It was awesome to get out that early with a strong team, and special thanks to Kevin for poking around for the prime lines.

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    Really great video! Looks like an absolute blast. :rock: Dropping in definitely looked intense! I love POV for that reason, it really puts you there… well as close as “there” is when you’re stuck in a cube… :nononno:

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    @fullers2oh wrote:

    plateu stoke :thumpsup: :thumpsup:

    so where is this place anyway?


    It’s a wee bit north of your usual suspects :thumpsup:

    Strong work guys…glad to see the shoulder isn’t holding you back Brooks!

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    Epic day! Great riding with you guys! Nice work on the vid Brooks.

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    Here’s my quick edit of my video, plus a bonus for Bucky, Mt. Dade run from last summer.

    (Love to know how to fix this vimeo embed, if anyone knows)

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    @breadbox wrote:

    Here’s my quick edit of my video, plus a bonus for Bucky, Mt. Dade run from last summer.

    (Love to know how to fix this vimeo embed, if anyone knows)

    There ya go…awesome stuff. What camera did you use to shoot that BB?

    BG, I’d love to talk to you sometime about the exposure settings on your camera and adjusting for different environments since I’ve been experimenting and trial and error could always benefit from more trial!

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    nice work on the video edit Brooks!!! Opeth rules :rock:

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    Camera was just a Canon Powershot, 7 megapixels

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    Aw yeah, looks like you got the goods in Powerhouse breadbox, better snow than we got when we were out there last week. I wish I coulda stuck around to ride it with you! And thanks for the visual reminder of Mt Dade. The eastside is so sweet.

    And hope to hook up with some of you other Sierra folk some day. Keep posting the stokeporn so I know if it’s still worthwhile to come back out there in June….

    Also that picture with the sluff/waterfall over the cliffs in the background is $$$$.

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    looks damn sweet! the season never ends! hope skinning with an aching shoulder didn’t suck too much.

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