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    Mid January 2013 in the Cascades.

    A wet then cold storm brought rain and wet avalanches, followed by a cold series of storms that left up to a foot of light powder on top of rain crusts and avalanche debris to the Cascades. This was followed by a long ridge of high pressure that brought cold temperatures and clear skies. The snow pack was variable to say the least.

    The Bryant couloir, a traverse on the ridge from high campbell to gold hills with various descents, and a day trip to lane peak where Leyland, Jonny, and I hit the Fly, Zipper, and Lovers Lane couloirs in a day were all had. Each time we hoped for good stashes of snow, which we found…but there was plenty of bad to go with it. The sketchy conditions kept us riding and skiing cautiously, and even forced me to down climb the top few hundred feet of lovers lane strapped in to my snowboard with an ice axe due to the icy conditions.

    Hooray for more storms on the horizon!


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