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    We parked at the gate at Aspendell, and found the rest of the road almost completely snow-free all the way to Lake Sabrina. Hopefully those roads start opening soon. The consistent snow started around 9500 feet, and things actually look pretty good up high. But getting there (and back down) is tough.

    We made our way to Blue Lake:

    Four hours in and we still can’t see our destination:

    First view:

    Getting closer:

    And up:

    Sabrina basin:

    Looking south from the summit:

    Snowboard time:


    heading out:

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    Mmmm a bcd TR! Tasty!

    Thanks for sharing Dan, hope all is well! :thatrocks:

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    so so sick… thanks for sharing. My favorite area in the Sierra’s. Im glad to see things aren’t too thin out there.

    I love that last picture…piute crags! I’ve got to get to Emerson…now.

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    wasatch surf
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    I had put the idea of a sierra’s trip this year out of my mind due to the low tide, but this is changing my mind. so aesthetic. nice work and photos.

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