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    Can anyone suggest a rockered all mountain board to DIY split for a women (5’3″, 120 to 130 pounds)? Less than 154 cm?

    I purchased a solid 156 Euphoria demo board from Venture Snowboards via Ebay. After my wife has ridden it a couple of times, I will DIY Split

    So I have the powder board covered. Also just recieved an 161 Euphoria

    While their are several excellent factory splitboard for women, including the Venture Storm, Voile RX 154, Jones Solution for women (2012/2013) and Prior Brandywine . If my wife likes splitboarding, then I willget here a factory splitty, but for next season a DIY board should suffice.

    She rides a:

    151 Never Summer Infiinity (Camber)
    149 Burton Malolo (Camber)
    150 K2 Luna (Camber)

    Would the Never Summer Lotus be a good DIY board to split? Lotus has the “Multi-flex Profiled Flightcore is a lightweight yet strong wood core that is infused with dampeners to give you a smooth and controlled ride”. Will the Voile DIY interface hardware pull out, because the board has dampening material?

    Really looking for a DIY freeride board that can handle powder and crud, that What boards have you split for your spouse or girlfriend?

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    My advice would be the libtech/gnu/roxy boards.
    The Banana is good for all conditions. I did a Roxy torah bright diy. My girlfriend was super happy with it. (I did put spark bindings on it)

    A plus is the missing metal edge on the nose and tail. That makes the cutting a lot easier.

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    I agree ^. The Lotus might have the same core as a NS I split this year for a friend, (Can’t remember the model). The core had voids running the length of the board and they sucked up a ton of of epoxy. If I had to split another one I would seal the voids prior to the epoxy. Silicone maybe?

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    My girl loves the never summer lotus and would split it if she had one for sure. She just split a Monument Momento Mori and absolutely loves it on pow days. It’s a full reverse camber deck that is light and poppy. Touring is a little difficult at times but she also has an older gnu barret christy that is a regular camber + mag for spring and early season

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    My wife LOVES her NS Lotus and wishes she had a split of it. She likes the poppy but nicely damped feel to it. She also really likes how it initiates turns due to it’s pretty steep sidecut.

    She just got a Venture Zephyr split since we got it literally half off but hasn’t had a chance to ride it.


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    FYI I got my wife the K2 Panoramic 154 Splitty.

    Thanks for your posts.

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