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    Hey Splitters,

    I could call this the 4-year California drought trip report or the I’m too lazy to post trip report. But Nat takes some great photos that I must share along with my awesome point and shoot skills. We have still been getting out in these meager winter seasons just not the number of days we used to get.

    This forum needs a shot in the arm so I hope this helps.

    I’ll start with a few pics and hope to add more in a bit. these are all pictures from the last four seasons and maybe a couple in the good ole days before the drought.

    Nat finishes a great run off the Kuna Crest in Yosemite

    A nice chute off Kuna Crest

    A run off the Dana Plateau

    drop into mini-halls, Tahoe

    Nat on Shasta

    Nat heading into the Baldwin Cirque, Eastern Sierra

    Nat gets smooth corn in the Baldwin Cirque

    one of many lines up in the Sawtooth Range, Eastern Sierra

    University Peak, Onion Valley, Eastern Sierra

    Nat skinning back to camp after some runs off the Crystal Range, Lake Aloha, Desolation Wilderness, Tahoe

    Not powder but beautiful scenery near Mt. Agassiz, Crystal Range

    below Mt. Agassiz

    Basin Mountain, Tahoe

    Buffy (likestoride) after an amazing powder run off Janine’s Ridge, Tahoe

    Sawtooth Range above Avalanche Lake, Eastern Sierra

    Ecobrad and Nat hiking out to Hwy 120 after a long day trip back into the Conness Lakes Basin, Eastern Sierra

    Nat skinning in deep powder with an overnight pack out near Duck Pass, Mammoth Lakes

    Dropping in the Virginia Lakes Basin, Eastern Sierra

    more pics coming soon – but I’ll leave you with this –

    hmmm, I do need to recreate

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    I do need to recreate Miss you clowns and Nat too

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    YES! Pretty sweet… looks like you made the best of the sierra crest Dig that photo of mini halls, snow looks good there!

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    Yay! (I dunno.. dancing banana + rocking out + regular smiley x 3 + another dancing banana)

    Great pics! I am getting stoked for this winter and looking forward to riding with my favorite splitboarding couple.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    PS I love TEX’s innovative knit hat stylings in that last pic. Very classy! It’s like a knit fedora for the contemplative outdoorsman.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    looking forward to touring with you guys this season.

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    we’ll resume with a gear shit show on Mt. Wood

    a selection of cascade pow

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    Good stuff PJ, looks like some epic tours/trips…good to see some action on the site for sure

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    The Duffey

    Whistler and our tracks out of the banana chute

    Nat – 25 short

    top of 25 short

    Brad descending Mt. Albright

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