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    Pillows in November

    For months climate change has been teasing us here in Alberta. Our deepest turns were a freak storm in August, and we’ve been jumping from wind loaded gulley to grassy patch since. Finally mid November rolls around and it’s starting to feel like winter
    Rhea speeding up the road
    Good buds, with good attitudes are always the most important commodity in the backcountry. Something I’m super grateful to have in spades. After a 75cm storm smiles weren’t short of hand
    All smiles here
    With some whumphing on the approach, and having rode in the area the previous week. I knew that we weren’t going to get into the biggest of terrain. I knew of a fun mini zone just off the beaten path that potentially contained some low hanging fruit. We expected movement on this little 10 turn face so we eased into our lines. Roy taking one for the team, ski cut the majority of the ridge with only the most minor surface sluffing as a result. So I took a mellower straight line through the guts of the main feature. Again no result. We watched to our dismay as a group of skiers proceeded to leave skis all over the face. Make tracks someone will follow. We slapped our skins on quick, and broke more trail back to the top before someone else side hilled under another drop. After seeing that we were more serious about actually riding the pillows in this zone than getting the first tomahawks of the season out of the way, the other group moved on. Letting us take a much more conservative pace, take photos and figure out how to ride the burlier drops and stacks
    Waist deep above some pillows

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    Welcome to the site and thanks for the early season stoke Trevor. The angle John caught of your huck was pretty sweet too!

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    NICE! (bomb hole that is)

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