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    Finally someone has released a hardboot specific boot. I am on the list to get one of these and really stoked to see them. I’ve been on Phantom bindings for 7-8 years now and they make amazing stuff. I am guessing this boot will be outstanding and I am guessing that John and Phantom crew have it completely dialed. I know John has multiple years prototyping this thing, and since hes a rocket scientist, I trust his engineering.

    For me, I am upgrading from a Dynafit TLT6 with full mods. This will be pretty rad to just take it out the box and put it on. I have a couple friends on the Link Lever and rave about it, so I’m excited to see and try these.

    I don’t know exact weights, but guessing a 27 comes in around 1000g per boot. For me thats 250g off each foot. Thats really big.

    What are everyones thoughts? Except BGNight, because he hates all things hardbooting.

    Phantom Slipper

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    Looks very intriguing! Sadly won’t be in my near-term future with the wife unemployed and myself partially furloughed. Definitely interested to hear folks initial impressions. Many thanks John/Phantom!

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    Finally someone has released a hardboot specific boot.

    What are everyones thoughts? Except BGNight, because he hates all things hardbooting.

    Phantom Slipper

    So sweet – I think this boot marks an important point in the evolution of splitboarding equipment.

    It looks fantastic–light, minimalist and engineered for the flex requirements of snowboarding. I too have been on Phantom for several years now, and because their culture of quality is second to none, I expect any product that they release to be very well sorted.

    And yeah, this will make BGnight very colicky, and not just because (unless I’m mistaken) he works for a soft-boot binding company.


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    They look like backlands with a phantom sticker.

    Happy to be corrected.

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    This forum doesn’t work very well anymore. I can’t tell if I double posted or what. But here was my response.

    Well, that is because simply put they are, but there is a whole lot more going on with them to be made for splitboarders. I think it would be a bit unreasonable for a small company of just a couple employees to build molds and create a boot from scratch, so makes sense they just improved on what they have been doing in the future. Might as well leverage a company that has been doing this for a long time.

    I don’t know exactly, but from looking at pictures and comparing models to the backlands, it seems they started with an Atomic Backland Ultimate upper and lower, which is a ridiculously light boot and added their link Lever. Then they changed the location of the lower buckle to keep your heel in place, most needed on toeside turns. It also looks that they used the buckles from the sport model with some modifications, ditched the velcrow top strap for only 2 straps, which will made transitions simple and easy. They changed the liner to have a warmer one than the ultimates (made for uphill racing). And for bigger folks, they beefed up the upper cuff to the backland carbon version.

    To me, it looks like they have made a durable, light model boot made specifically for splitboarding, not just strapping a sticker onto an atomic. It will be interesting to see how they work with Atomic more in the future. I think some visualization side could be cleaned up like removing the bottom hole where the buckle previously was, and getting the buckles black would be awesome.

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