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    Two of my front foot toes kinda pop/stretch out while riding, when I put pressure on the toeside edge. Feels like tendons are rapidly shifted in to a new position. I felt this a little last season on long days. It’s worse on the hard boots as they are quite narrow and also because they have more rocker, but it also happens on soft boots. Might be related to climbing also, which I´ve done for a couple years more actively, though I never feel this while climbing, the shoes support enough to not let toes stretch straight.

    Anyone experienced anything similar? I noticed it now more than last season, but last season I mostly rode big mountains with cabins, chair lifts etc. Now I´ve just ridden a couple days on local small hills with tow bars, where I´m standing on my feet all day.. This starts after like 3 hours of riding. This might ofcourse go away as I get more days out etc.

    The tendons squared red are the ones which pop. It kinda feels like pressure on the green square triggers it. I could ofcourse see a doctor, he probably would tell to quit riding 🙂

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    Ok @jmautio im not a doctor. but i did have similer symptoms. you could have whats called “mortons neuroma” Here is a link . I changed my shoes. My pain was gone and hasnt come back .

    3 deep breaths. -"grade 7 teacher"

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    Touche! Thanks!

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