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    Well after 5 solid years of excessive use the logic-board on my beloved MBP looks like it might have went out.

    Any splitters ever have this happen or had one replaced?

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    Yessir. I’ve had this done multiple times and had them replaced (in and out of warranty) and even have done one myself. Best steps to move forward:

    1. Call Apple. Give ’em the serial number and go from there. If you have the original dvd/cd media, run the AHT (apple hardware test) and give them the diagnostic code that it’ll spit out. The same thing happend to my step dad’s MBP logic board which was out of warranty, and they replaced it at no cost.

    2. Not sure what the going rate to get a replacement is, but you can shop it online, or take it to an authorized repair center. Depending on how old the MBP is, it’s sometimes not cost effective to replace. Maybe better to buy a used one on eBay with the money, and just move the HD from the old to new MBP.

    3. If you’re up to it, shop for a logic board online and replace yourself.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. Or email at dnick [at] me [dot] com. Good luck.

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    Mine died on my 2008 MBP recently. Talked to the Genius Bar in Anchorage, and since it would not start up they could not diagnose the issue withouth opening the case. They quoted me various prices depending on what they found, or they could send it to the mother ship and have up to 3 major components (mother board, screen, etc) replaced for a fixed $210. Since I was going to be in Tahoe over Christmas, I had them send the repaired computer to the Reno apple store where I picked it up. Everything went as smoothly as you could hope for, and the fixed repair price was way cheaper than any of my other options. It may not apply to a 5 yo computer though. You’d have to ask.

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    my company is an authorized apple service center- PM me the Part Number and Serial Number and I can get you a cost price on the replacement.

    Since youre out of warranty tho, logic board prices can be pricey depending on the model…

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    Good news is I didn’t lose any data….bad news is I’m 7 days outside the 4 year window where Apple would replace the logic board for free due to a faulty Nvidia chip. 😥

    I may be able to work a little magic with purchase date though

    acopafeel, I’ll pm ya – Thanks!

    Archie McPhee
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    If you have an Apple Store around, take it in and talk to them. I’ve found Apple to be very accommodating with stuff like this, especially if you’re only a week out of date.


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