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    Hi. I´m a long time lurker here and have been reading and learning a lot in this message board.
    Last winter I went out in the back country with a friend of min who had recently split his board. After two hours of booting in waist deep snow and watching my friend literally walking on water with so little effort I promised myself that I would get a splitboard as soon I could afford one.
    So now I finally ordered myself a brand new Venture Odin split 164 and a pair of Blazes.
    I´m told it will arrive some time between christmas and new years eve.
    The snow conditions here are awful and because I live above the arctic circle there is only about three hours of daylight right now so I don’t really need it sooner but it would be nice to hold it in my hands sooner rather than later. 😀

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    @hikeforturns wrote:

    Barrows whats your stance going to be on that Furberg?


    I am making a DIY split out of it. Nice to have complete freedom in stance options…I am going to go 21″ width, 4 CM back (standard Furberg insert setback) and ~27 F, ~12 back, but exact angles will be adjusted to board width at the foot positions after cutting and applying the carbon fiber to the inner sidewall.

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    Dendro: I have always wished I felt like I could afford going full custom with Wagner. I was really glad Furberg came along making a shape very similar to stuff I have been sketching up the last few years…
    Not saying Wagner charges too much by any means, custom quality costs what it does…

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    Nice comment….

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