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    On 1/12/08, my 2004 Burton split finally met its end in the Pinner couloir. It died doing what it loved most, in the middle of a pow turn at the top of a sweet chute.

    It had a good life, and has served me well over the past 3 years, despite all the hassles of the Burton interface system. RIP. I’ll be replacing it with a new Burton split, using the Voile system and Will’s bindings. Woohoo!

    Here’s a short pictorial tribute remembering some of the good times we shared.

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    +++++vibes dude.

    Eyes are looking a little blood shot in that second photo buddy…I’m on to you.

    Sweet Laurel Mtn. TR too.

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    Hang er up in the car hole.

    Don’t burn it…..bad for the environment and all 😆

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    Wow – what a beautiful tribute. The eyes are red from crying. 😥

    This looks like a GREAT time:

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    OMG – too much. I can’t believe you actually did a tribute. 🙄 😀

    Verts would be a way better tool on that suncupped terrain anyways.

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    I was there that fatefull afternoon. My heart sunk when I saw the damage and knew we had lost a true comerad.
    The board was a hero. Faithfully serving its master right till the end. 😥

    RIP S165

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    I remember meeting you, I had to catch up to return your skin that fell off 😆

    good times. see you this winter possibly?

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    That sucks, But like you said, It lived doing what it loved.

    Now, are you interested in selling the interface parts? I could use some back up parts for my Burton. Let me know…

    Stagger Lee
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    affix snow
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    Sorry to hear.

    At least it went doing what it loved most.

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    What’s with the little slots in the tip or tail in one pic? Right near the clip.

    I’ve been away from the splitboard for awhile.

    Is this some new innovation?

    Sorry about the board though, at least you’re getting out!

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