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    Andy and I met at my house in Salt Lake City at 4 pm on May 9. If was raining hard as we were leaving. With freezing levels already down to 8000 feet, it was clear there was going to be pow to ride in the Wasatch if we stuck around. I think we were both tempted to bail at multiple points. But neither of us wanted to be that guy, so we stuck with it despite our misgivings. It rained or snowed the entire drive until just before Jackson. We were relieved that we wouldn’t be camping in the rain. The Tetons had gotten 1-2 inches of precip in the past couple days, and we were cautiously optimistic about finding some pow up high. We rolled into the Jenny Lake boat launch around 10 pm and crashed right next to the car. The alarm went off at 4:30, and we were moving by 5. There were still a number of snowpatches along the Jenny Lake trail, and the snow became continuous as soon as we started heading up Cascade Canyon.

    At around 4.5 miles from the car we got to the bottom of the avy path that drains the Teewinot-Owen cirque. The cirque is incredible, facing due north with almost 5000 feet of very steep relief. We waded Cascade Creek and started skinning up on a pretty fat 3 foot snowpack at 7600′.

    On the way up the new snow amount increased from a trace, to 4 inches, to 8 inches to 12 inches. The underlying crusts got correspondingly weaker, such that above 10,500′ we were booting in a winter-like snowpack. At that point we realized the descent would be really good.

    We topped out the couloir a few hundred feet below the summit of Teewinot. We realized that it would be a challenging scramble on rock to reach the summit. Fearing that we would also lose our visibility, we transitioned to ride from there.

    The ride down was incredible blower pow. Maybe the best line of the season for me when considering the quality of the line and the quality of the snow. The descent provided 4500′ of fall line turns with the pow transitioning seamlessly to great corn below about 9300′.

    We recrossed the creek at the bottom and walked out.

    After grabbing pizza in Jackson, we hit the road back to Salt Lake. Conditions couldn’t have been better and were quite a bit better than expected. Better to be lucky than smart sometimes.

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    fix those pics! I want to see. who doesn’t like blower in may!

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    The pics are working fine for me…

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    Pics don’t work for me either

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