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    So Iam officially moving to the North Shore (found a house on Donner lake) Gonna miss south shore and all that the backcountry has to offer. Hope North lake can deliver on the BC (Looks sick right out my back yard) any local splitters want to meet up Iam down

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    Just to clarify, Truckee ain’t the North Shore. While there is some fun stuff around Donner, I’d say overall your resort riding just got a whole lot better, but your bc riding has been downgraded. North Shore peeps usually make the trip down the West shore to get the goods, with the occasional trip to Mt. Rose, and I don’t even bother with Donner (though I would hit it if I lived right there – hard to justify the small vert when Tallac, Jakes, etc. is about the same drive from TC). But as much as I love the riding around South Lake, I wouldn’t want to live there.

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    I am looking forward to being close to sugarbowl, but most of my riding is in the BC. Done some fun stuff on rose(but found it crowded) I will drive the distance to do echo summit laps (one of my fav areas) carson pass unfortunitly probly wont be a day trip. The truckee sk8 park is much closer so Im definitly stoked on that, oh and my job is now 20 minutes away :headbang:

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    @fustercluck wrote:

    North Shore peeps usually make the trip down the West shore to get the goods

    True dat. And don’t forget Rubicon, Twin Peaks, blah blah blah.
    Further out, there is some gnar stuff on Castle and the Frog Lake Cliffs, though short vertical. Silver Peak is good, but a bit of a slog in, and there’s tons of stuff around the Bradley Hut, below Tinkers Knob.

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    Ive found exploration on a split to be fun in itself so needles to say Im stoked I hope April still has POw. I have high hopes cause its dumping in South lake as I type

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