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    There has been some serious stoke floating around here these days. We’ve had a taste of Cascade crevasses, Chilian pow, AK corn – sick to see people still getting the goods. I’m pretty damn sure I hung up my boots a couple weeks back, but the recent pics have been giving me second thoughts.

    I can’t complain about how my season rolled out though. bcrider and I found some sweet summer lovin’ in the Sierra on North Peak late June. Seemed like waaay too nice of a day not to call it my last…

    Photos by bigfoot and bcrider.

    Saddlebag Lake

    I was a water taxi virgin. What an amazing service…

    The boat dropped us about here.

    Looking back at a line bcrider tagged the previous afternoon on recon…

    Looking ahead at our objective – north facing coolies you can’t see that split the large rock buttress

    This day deserved a warm-up run and we found it dropping off the east ridge of Mt. Conness.

    S-chute woulda coulda gone but the upper rock choke had a mandatory that was tough to scout. We dropped the next break in the rocks skiers right of the chute which was plenty steep and plenty smooth until it wasn’t either. Anything low-angled was cupped-up.

    On to the North Peak coolies…

    Buckling up getting ready to bum rush the skier’s left coolie.

    And were dropping…

    Snow was decently smooth and plenty soft despite catching it in the shade.

    The fall line was kinda funky though. The center of the couloir was a crusty runnel so you had to paste jump turns on the smooth walls either side.

    Seriously fun shredding no question.

    Snow got gooey once we hit the runout so we chased back up the couloir for another lap next door.

    I was kicking about half a boot deep with crampons on. The security made me smile. But you could tell from the freaky fall line and the firm footing here and there that the climb would be a serious outing in another week or so.

    bcrider tops it out…

    Next up was the far skiers right coolie which had a sweet rollover entrance. The center coolie was not in shape.

    Once again, steep and smooth.

    The coolie deposited us in a surreal basin flanked by a lush low-volume waterfall zone.

    Snow ended there but soon enough we were back on the water taxi heading for home…

    Here’s to yet another sick season in the Sierra!

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    Sick photos and lines. Way to get after it.

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    Cool pics and nice work on the TR! :headbang:

    Fun day and good times.

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    aahhhh, back in my happy place. :bananas:


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    Did your warm up lap look like this…

    It was cool running into you guys

    BTW did you see this guy

    When we were on the summit of Conness he buzz 100′ over us

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    Good to meet you too Swanny, and yes, you caught us on the Conness Cam.

    Thanks for posting the link. Always cool to unexpectedly see yourself shred.

    I don’t recall seeing the glider. Impressed he was playing that high in the alpine tho.

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    Nice! Now I know whose tracks those were. One of these days we’ll have to arrange to be in the same place at the same time… 🙂

    I was out there the next day. Saw tracks in the diagonal chute, and in the NP chutes and figured it was the usual suspects. I saw some folks at camp at Greenstone and shoulda stopped by to say hi, but as soon as I got on the boat I realized I had to take a massive… well let’s just say I was on a mission, and any diversions were out of the question at that point. 😯

    I also sampled the middle chute, even though it doesn’t go… snow was kinda funky though. Met up with granjero and Josh as well. One of these days I’ll post up some pics.

    Agreed that that is a classic way to end the season, and it really is a beautiful area. Seems like lots of folks have the same idea, liketoride was just there last weekend!

    Ah, what the hell, here’s a pic. Looking back up after the NP trifecta. Granjero is up there in the lookers left chute about 1/4 of the way down. Your tracks are probably still in there somewhere too! 🙂

    Here’s a pic of your tracks in the looker’s left chute (with my bootpack pasted over them, sorry!). BTW thanks for the bootpack in the right chute! :thumbsup:


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    It’s amazing how flat a picture can make a chute look. When I show non-riders pictures like this:

    they have no idea that it’s really like this:

    Kyle Miller
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    Nice work. That is some sick terrain

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