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    Nomad sent in this cool video of his season in review. It includes a lot of familiar forum members and tells a great story of good times with friends in the mountains.

    Nice work nomad! 8)

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    Nice work. I need to get to frazier basin. Us montana folk need to rally a trip to the sierras this winter, I have a bunch of time I can take off from work. Btw, it snowed up high last week(okay it was a very tiny dusting, but that counts right?)

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    Nice! Great shot near the end of the cliff drop and just about running over the cameraperson! 😯

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    jeez look at him goin’ off on the kicker! I haven’t tried anything like that since the concussion… 😥

    Good timing. good stoke.

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    Some good riding for sure! Nice edit too. 8)

    now if we could just get the filmers to hold the camera steady… 😉

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    Nice work Nomad. That has me stoked for the this year. 😀

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    that’ll hafta do. no holding back next year……
    nothing but fast tours and big lines.

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    good stuff Nomad.

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    Way to get after it ! Scrub Fest last year was a good time;hearing your plans at that point and then eyeing the vid now has me ready to start thinking about splittin’.Cheers to all.

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    Excellent! 8)

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    Sick Video! As usual the Nomad tears it up. Cheers! Anyway I could get my hands on a few of those clips of Scrub Fest? 😉

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