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    First off for the last few weeks i’ve been doing nothing but reading on these forums and have to say i love the discussions that i’ve been reading. Great atmosphere.

    I skied from 5-14 and i’ve been snowboarding 15-25 and really had to take a few years off the last few because of a back injury but i have been out alot this year and have been doing some hiking and really really want to get into splitboarding (traversing on boot pack isn’t fun anymore lol). I ski mostly at Crystal Mountain, WA and all my friends ski and i just really want to be able to stretch my limits as far as backcountry goes. So with that said i am looking for a bit of info on gear for the most part. I am 5’11 180 pounds and ride a RIDE Timeless 161 right now and love that board to death. I am looking to find out whats the best way to save/shop things like Poles/Splitboard/etc. I have a friend who made his own and i’ve talked to him a little about it but i’m not sure if that’s the best way to go for price or if looking for a used one (can be hard from what i’ve seen) is a better way to go. Also what brand/style would people also recommend?

    Thanks for the help guys!

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    Check Craigslist. There’s a Prior 165 that’s been there for a while – you might be able to get a good deal on it if it’s still available.

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    Sorry it took me a while to reply, i’ve been slammed at work. I saw that on craigslist but doing a bit of research i read that it was a hard binding which would mean i would have to change boots/etc. I am looking to use my boots i have right now so when i go up to the mountain i can switch boards if i need to.

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    All you have to do is remove the hard bindings from the sliders (and sell them), then mount your own bindings to the sliders. You can either keep the spare sliders or sell them, too. You are not locked into using the hard boot bindings. The board is a good deal, but unfortunately, the ad’s now gone. I’d check back and see if it gets reposted in case it didn’t actually sell.

    wild side
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    hey, i’ve been researching and picking up equip. lately. i’ve mec online gearswap most stuff. bought the Voile split last early summer (kijiji) and didn’t even use till this season. ($350 for skins, bindings, board … need another for the wife but haven’t seen a great deal like that since) used stuff suggests better prices, no tax on near new items. nows the time to purchase as season is coming to a close for some. as for a split, you may want to squirrel away some cash for a decent new one as it may last you quite some time. (i’ve my eye on the Jones but we’ll see) researching equip. at first it was bling here and bling there with marketing and advertising but once you get more familiar with the equip. and not distracted, you’ll start leaning more to what you want and need. hope this helps. :guinness: happy trails.

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    Cool to know about the bindings, i didn’t know the pucks fit both bindings.

    I am slowly saving more and more money towards a nice board, but i was wondering if its a thing where you want to buy a nice one first or if its worth building your own first and messing it up then spending money on a nice one.

    Love learning more and more about it all.

    Thanks for all the info everyone! Keep it all coming! :thumpsup:

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    That really depends whether or not you have access to all the tools and materials you’ll need for a DIY. If you don’t and need to buy them then it may be cheaper to find a good deal on a factory board.

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    Well i work in a shipyard so whatever i don’t have i know 30 people that probably will have it hahaha. But im just trying to figure out if the DIY is a good option or not as far as price difference for quality goes.

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    If you’re regular-footed there’s a good deal up in bellingham:

    Archie McPhee
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    If you’re still looking for a split, that Prior Backcountry 165 is back on Craigslist:

    Sell the hardboot bindings and maybe even the second set of sliders – I’m sure someone will want them. Either way, it’s a good deal. The guy might even be up for bargaining since it’s toward the end of the season [for most people, anyway].

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