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    Sorry if this has already been posted, but soft booters, check these new droolworthy pinless binders that Dave Downing was sharing at the Burton booth at OR:

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    Wow. I love it. :guinness:

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    Solid! :headbang:

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    Looks pretty good.

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    Smart ideas again, no more pins. No more climbing wires on your board.

    So I’m guessing the Edison only needs the 3 inserts for the touring bracket now, that makes DIY a very good option.

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    Hard to tell from the pics, but are they still sliding onto pucks?

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    here’s another pic from TWSnows instagram.
    shows also a burton landlord split with channels!

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    Wow, that looks great. I really want a set of those and one of the New Burton Nug Raduction Boards. better start mining for dollars. I have the sudden need for new gear :drool:

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    They look sweet. A couple of observations:

    1. Looks like Burton has adopted EST for their Splits, that’s cool!
    2. The interface doesn’t use pucks, it’s an evolution of the Edison that interfaces with EST. Hoping there is a mount that works for factory splits and DIY and solids.
    3. With the climbing wires attached to the binder, there is no need for a Voile product on the board, aside from the hooks. If they made clips and hooks then you could have an entire Spark R&D setup.
    4. The Edison also had that front toe release mechanism, I wonder how it moves the pin into place to hold it to the touring bracket?

    The future of Splitboarding looks bright!

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    I played around with it a bit and it does use voile pucks. Noticed a bit of play shifting the locked binding in ride mode fore and aft. Could be an easy fix but something I noticed.

    Aside from that it looks pretty easy and lightweight. Seems like a solid binder option.

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    Looks amazing. Super impressed with Will’s designs and innovation.

    Still build around voile pucks. Just not pins.

    EST tracks. Bout time, I only told JG that 5,6, or 7 years ago. 🙂

    Re the touring brackets. It looks like the pins on the bindings might interface into the bracket from the inside.


    Can’t wait to check all the new gear out next week!

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    Tex, if you’re coming up for the donner split party you’re welcome to demo my Spliff (split version of the nug).

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    @forcierer wrote:

    here’s another pic from TWSnows instagram.
    shows also a burton landlord split with channels!

    Looks like two pieces of hardware between the bindings. Do the heels lock?

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    ^^^ guessing since the climbing bars come from the binding to board, the extra piece on the board is for them to come down on, vs directly to the topsheet.

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    Makes sense…Nice stoke. Really is great to think of life without pins!

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    This still uses pucks. I assume the the Edison which looked great on paper was having problems with icing?

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    Both the pin stubs face to the right. Presumably you slide the stubs into the touring bracket from the left side, and then folding down the toe plate prevents the binding from sliding back to the left. Hopefully it will use the current LT tour bracket because I have a lot of those.

    The same fold-down toe plate keeps the binding from sliding back off the pucks. So nice.

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    I must have had some hope in my eyes on first glance, but now I see it works on Voile pucks. Damn, I hate those things. Seems if we are evolving into channeled boards we could evolve beyond that puck. I guess it must have been icing too much with the Edison interface.

    Still a cool looking binding, but it only solves the problem of the pin.

    If it has a heel lock mechanism then that’s enough innovation to sell me, but the way it stands I’m not sure I want to invest.

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    @forcierer wrote:

    those look like a newer touring bracket… looks like less material thru the barrel, so you might be SOL phillip…

    does anyone know if they actually dropped the Edison for this system or is it just something like edison for puckers?

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    Maybe the channel is to wide for the Edison interface and this is a different binding and we will see the Edison soon. (Wishful thinking!)

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