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    check it out, there’s a sample teaser free and the north side volume is available as an e/book for $25 canuck on the website.
    it should be available in print this fall, with a map and KMZ file, south side volume to come too… and Bugs to Rogers pdf / map / kmz is available too….
    frickin yankees givin away all the secrets… fo money! shame!! 😉 seriously tho its some sweet mtn porn!!!

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    pfffft…Stupid Yanks…coming up and smokin that foine’ B.C. tweed and trying to mount yer ladies(well..that’s what I’ve seen) after shreddin yer mountaingz….Don’t worry Karkis…just sick the abominable snow yeti on us bitches!

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    There are several good reasons to not buy this guide book.

    First of all you WILL waste countless hours staring at your computer screen looking at lines that you’ll never have the balls to drop into.

    Second of all you will be tricked into skiing on uptracks that are more often frequented by wolverines than humans.

    Thirdly, the proceeds from this book will probably be funnelled into an underground economy that supports illegal immigrants, drug purveyors, and unmotivated slackers who shun REAL jobs.

    Fourth, did I mention the photos? Seriously, your paying for photos of mountains and ski lines that no one has bothered photographing or publishing before. Trust me, if these places were worth going to someone would have already made a book like this.

    Just warning you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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