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    Finally got around to making a new split, and went with a local waterjet cutter to make the cut this time. The cut is so fine that the board goes back together almost as if nothing happened!

    Board cut, old bindings remounted

    This star logo marks the centreline of the board, you can see how little material was lost.

    The cut



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    Arbor Element? Good choice. Stiff, full camber big-gun. I used mine as my resort-board—until low tide turned it into my rock-board.

    Looks like it came out nicely too. Arbor always makes beautiful boards. It’s a shame we have to install all that ugly hardware. Let us know how the flex changed after the split. Thanks for sharing the stoke!

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    Very cool. I’ve been thinking of doing a water jet board myself. How much did it cost you for the cut? Also what was the process like? Did you just drop off the deck and tell them down the middle, or did you measure it out and draw a line for them to cut?

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    Hans, good spot- it’s an Arbor Element wide. I’ve loved it as a solid board, so I’ll certainly comment on the flex once I can ride it again. Will hopefully be a bit less ugly hardware than last time, using spark bindings and pucks. The new black voile clips and hooks also look much nicer than their old stuff.

    bcall8, I turned up at a quiet time of day and offered $50 and beers. They explained that while it is a simple cut, the setup. And making of a jig is where there costs are. But still ended up being only AUD $100 and I got to drink my own beer. They were really interested when I dropped it off, and showed me their cutting machine in action. I explained which way to cut it and they did the rest.

    waterjet cutter in action

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