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    I figured since i cant afford heli-skiing….or cat skiing, i’d just indulge otherwise. I just reserved a beautiful one-night stay in one of their yurts, for mid january. I don’t imagine anyone on here has stayed in one of theirs. Since your all Sierra snobs!! I’d love to hear any comments on yurt stays, if ya’ve been on one. Its at

    The ruby yurt, yo. Gonna do some splittin out of that shack. One of the photo’s looks to have some lovely bowl smokin opportunities. 😈 😈 😈

    Rico in AZ
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    congrats on taking the step to commit to it. i’ve been considering the san juan huts,

    kinda spendy though, $110 a night for a yurt? ouch!

    anyone else out there done a hut trip?

    sounds sweet though. enjoy!

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    careful what you say, you won’t be the first splitter to stay there.

    Nokhu and Agnes creek are good too.

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    Some buddies and I stayed at Ruby Jewel last March. It was a kick ass time! Props to the people up there running the show. Super nice, kept the place clean and even brought us a bunch of beer our first night. Excellent ridin’ up there! Definitely beats sleeping in my tent at night.

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    You’ll definately enjoy it! I’ve been to the upper montgomery yurt and the nokhu hut, much better terrrain at nokhu. Keep an eye out for moose!

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    Wow, i didn’t expect so many Ft. Fun splitters. Nice. So the Ruby jewel hut has some pretty good terrain? That sounds great, cause i wasn’t really sure. Just goin on the few sentences that i read about it. And one picture. I thought about the Nokhu cabin but i wanted to stay in somethin different than a little cabin. Plus i did No name peak at the end of last season and wanted to see some new terrain.

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    I recommend checking out a pull sled of some sort. The Mountain Shop rents some or get creative and make your own. This is similar to what The Mountain Shop rents The skin up to Ruby Jewel is pretty much on a road the whole way. You can load those things up with all your gear, 30 pack of Pabst and anything else you want while barely breaking a sweat. Take a gas lantern too. I use the Primus one. There’s a built in one at the yurt that runs off of the propane tanks that also run the stove, but hanging another lantern on the other side of the yurt does wonders. Candles suck for light output.

    Once you leave the yurt, the skin up to the actual riding is a little ways, but not a difficult skin at all. . Depending on the snow pack and conditions, you’ll definitely be able to find some sweet lines. And the best part, once you’re done for the day you can pretty much ride all the way back to the yurt.

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    I was wondering about that. The guy on the phone said something about a sled, so i was curious. That would come in handy for the beer. Probably gonna have to do that. I’ll Stick it on one of my bitch friends that doesn’t pay. THanks for the info. I cant wait to ride til sunset then drop down to the yurt.

    Couple questions. Do they have trash up there, or do we gotta hike it out? And are we allowed to hotbox it? Did you ride margi’s knoll? I think thats what i keep hearing about.

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    As far as trash, whatever you pack in, you pack out. I’d have to check out a map again, but I don’t believe we skied Margi’s Knoll. I think that was by the lake up there. We went another direction from where Jewel Lake was, and after a few laps, dropped off the other side of one of the first ridges which led us back around to the main trail that followed back down to the yurt. I’d have to pull out a map to get specifics, but pretty much everything funnels back down to the yurt.

    IMHO, if anyone’s vise is sucking down cancer sticks by the pack, take it outside for a minute. Otherwise keep the stove hot, the beer cold and enjoy whatever floats your boat 8) It’s also nice to bring along some portable speakers and an mp3 player if you’re hanging out with some friends.

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