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    I really want to do some turns in the Southern Utah area this season. I have a good feeling about this year. I have been going over old TR’s but anyone with peaks to hit, routes and good camping who doesnt mind sharing some info hit me up.

    PM me if you want to keep it a secret.


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    Myself and @THESYSTEMSPLIT hit up Southern Utah from time to time. Where are you coming from? Any ideas on a specific area that you were hoping to explore? In a big snow year (or with good timing) there may be more options but the 2 obvious zones are the Brian Head area and the Tushars 35 minutes north of Brian Head up Beaver Canyon. I personally prefer the Tushars. I feel like there are more spots to tour and longer runs.

    We did Brian Head peak last year for the hell of it and had a good tour, but the riding was just OK. Wind is the enemy up there. It seems like most of the snow gets blown off to flat zones or gets turned into wind board. The terrain that I have seen would be good on soft days (if stable) for short laps. I haven’t seen anything sustained up there yet but that doesn’t mean its not there. I would love to find some good spots up there if anyone knows of any. Driving up the canyon I have seen spots in the trees that look awesome but are lower and did not have the snow depth to play with. I know many have seen the videos of Josh Dirksen from the Deeper out takes and the Provo Bros riding Cedar Breaks (red desert spines), but these area don’t usually have enough snow from what I understand. Maybe this year, that would be great.

    The Tushars can be a lot of fun. Delano Peak, Lake Peak and City Creek Peak are common spots to ride. There is a guide who lives and operates up there out of the ski resort named Alec. He has a couple of yurts and is very reasonable. We did a day tour with him last year on a bad snow day and were able to find some soft tree skiing. If yurts aren’t your thing there are plenty of spots to camp. A few car camping spots off the road heading up the canyon or you can go up top by Puffer Lake. The terrain is pretty easy to access up there and it is not very crowded. Its in a tough spot to get a lot of traffic. People to the south tend to ride more park, people to the north tour in the Wasatch.

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    Im in San Diego. I tour the east side when there is snow, and Tahoe if thats low so the area is within my travel limits for a weekend trip.
    You guys trip reports and Zach Claytons are what have got me watching the area. And yes, Cedar Breaks and Grand Staircase is my main “want to hit spots” but anything in the area would be cool.

    I have rode at Brian Head many years ago before I started splitting and did think it had a lot to offer terrain wise If it get the snow.

    But all of the southwest US is lie that including San Gorgonio and the San Gabriels as far as hit and miss and things disappering fast after the snow fall

    and thank you for the beta.

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    technically in the s but more to the east….maybe too far for you….dont know….but these were some mtns i always wanted to tour.

    take care.

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    Tex!!! Almost that time of year when I can count on you to start frothing and posting ES condition inquiries, love it!:)

    I toured with Alec at Tushar Mountain Tours a few years back. Super chill dude and two different yurts to choose from. Lots of potential in a good year. Not a bad drive from SD when conditions warrant a mission.

    Eagle Point Resort is worth a look while you’re up there. Fun little hole in the wall ski resort…and it gets deep!!! I love Beaver…

    Stay up player!

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    Oh man. Beaver county is one of my favorites in Utah.
    I had no idea there was a resort nearby! I am so stoked.
    I spent many a summer doing archaeology fieldwork there. One of my most prized possessions is a tee-shirt form the state liquor agency in town. It reads, “Beaver Liquor,” and has a picture.

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    Fullersh2o…. holy shit! What up OG playa, how was your extended surf trip?!? Haven’t seen you post up here for a minute!
    S. Utah has all kinds of hidden gems… but it’s no eastside!!!
    Tushars, La Sals and Henry’s are the best for that area. BH can be fun but imo not “great”….

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    (That’s my whole message… I know nothing about southern Utah except I sprained my knee skiing at Brian’s Head when I was 14 and it hurt.)

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Tex, Let me know when you are headed out this way!

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