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    Whoa! nice find…. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

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    Love the LCD above the bed. Sweet rig for sure.

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    91 words for snow…… I LOVE that movie. Any one else see it? I really liked the part about the kids from…Boston or maybe Montreal that were using urban terrain for hits. Not just stairs and stuff, jumping off of freeway overpasses 😯

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    Will, I was peeking at those rides. They are sweet, but dropping 60-80k on a van… ouch!

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    His is not a sportmobile…he bought a stock van and did everything himself – I’m pretty sure he even dropped in the diesel as it’s a later year than the van body. I’m sure he saved a significant amount but stuff like the Quigley 4WD is spendy not matter. He mentioned all the wood from inside was recycled/scraps. I didn’t know he was such a do it yourself person…I think he’s more cool now. Anyone see his hobbit style house?

    Tex…that movie was killer…I like documentary style films though.

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    Sweet ride. Seen that thing around town several times. I think one of those or a sportsmobile would be my top pick for a touring vehicle The unimog with pop-top camper I saw recently would also work well

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    That thing is so cool.

    It should be the official vehicle, I think.

    Maybe Mike will give a bro deal to bcrider.

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    Dude, is that a friggin solar panel! Sa-Weeeeet. 20K.. not tooooo shabby. I’m seriously considering trading my 08′ Jeep in.

    Best thing about that ride… The beautiful, and talented Victoria I bet was with on many of those trips.

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    Now that’s a sweet ride. Of course I would paint it yellow if it were mine. It hasn’t met the reserve at $20k so it’ll go for north of that.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Yeah, I’m considering buying one of those in a couple years, quit working, and just ski bum the entire US, Canada, and Alaska for 2 seasons. I’ve allready marked my 39th B-day as the day.

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