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    I work in the physcial planning deptartment at a brand new University of California campus. We’re at the base of the Sierra and have research and recreation relationships with Yosemite, Sequioa, and other places in the Sierra. To honor our great neighbor, we’re naming all of the roads after places in the Sierra. So far we have Muir Pass, Ansel Adams, Mineral King, and Shaver Lake. I told the Campus Architect (my boss) that I’d get him names for the rest of the streets. They can’t already be used in the City of Merced or in the County though so the obvious ones won’t be used. I thought I’d open it up to you guys. In honor of BCRider and his love affair with the Saddlebag area, I’ll open the suggestions with:

    Conness Glacier

    Here’s an aerial of the campus

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    Mendenhall Dr., Clevenger Rd., Wit-sono-pa Ct., Convict Pl.,…endless oprotunities to name…both modern pioneers as well as by-gone…Iceberg, Ediza, Clyde…pick a region…how about each of the Minarets.

    Ecobrad…cool project to be involved with…lasting implications.

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    Wish i was more familiar with the Sierras. Def sounds like a cool project. Theres gotta be a Teabag lake in there or somethin

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    The project is pretty cool. I’m having a great time…best job I’ve ever had. As far as the naming goes I just submitted a the list. I got in some of our favorite spots such as Dana Plateau, Leavitt Peak, etc. and also got one in for Splitfire….Johnson Peak. 😆 I couldn’t resist. Let’s hope they pick it.

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    @ecobrad wrote:

    Shaver Lake

    My hometown, nice pick.

    How about Tallac or MATTerhorn 😀 .

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    kaweah gap rd?

    one of my favorite spots in sequoia

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    I submitted kaweah river.

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