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    A little song(metal)a little dance….a whole lot of BEEERAAAAP! in my pants.

    Me and some other mengz got into vehicles for 2 weeks…dealt with some really warm weather, and high BC avy danger…found some good snow in a good “stash” spot. All this video is from that one area….We kept it cheech’D and kept it mellow and safe….and OLAY!

    A video for ya’ll to watch with some blasting ridiculously awesome French metal via GOJIRA…



    My season was not as long as I liked, but it’s time to get the gardens and motorcycles ready for some MX action…be safe out there.


    Looks like you guys found some great trees!

    Bummer about you missing out on the Silverton Splitfest. It will be good.

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    Not by any choice of mine will I be missing….I got home to found out my DMZ build was pushed ahead one week. So, I’ll be sitting in a data center…while you jack holes are shredding…..I was talking to Bonez….he got got fook’d by work stuff as well.

    So…….tis’ what it tis’

    Trees were pretty rad…pretty steep in some spots…helmet cams never do justice.

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    Nice Ron!! Glad to see you makin it happen. I’d be lucky to get past snoqualmie nowadays. Japow is on the mind. Hope farm life is treating you well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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