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    I’m planning on making the drive from Washington to Shasta real soon with one other. Who else is going and when? Ecobrad, jimw, shasta, others, anybody? I can take off anyday to accomodate the weather window.

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    the forecast for this weekend the weather supposed to clear up. and looking at Shasta’s web site, the condition seems pretty good right now. I’m thinking about going this weekend so let me know if interested.

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    What’s up slut? I can’t make it this weekend but hope to soon. I’ll keep in touch.

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    Anybody want to go July 8-10?

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    anyone going up June 24 and 25?

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    I’m thinking about heading up tomorrow night and riding Saturday. Gimme a buzz! 🙂

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    If you guys do NorthGate, look for my piece. We were going to celebrate solstice on the hike up, but one hour before 7:26, I dropped my vessel and I watched it slide down the ice!
    Same thing happened to my buddy on hour later. Luckily he stopped right before the rock garden. The only damage was a broken binding.
    My knee was giving me trouble, so we descended from 10K at 8:30am.
    What a bummer!

    The dropped vessel is somewhere on the flats just below the first bowl(pun intended!). Unless it got smashed into a rock, it sits at el. 8600 just southwest of peaklet 8852T. I’m sure it’s lonely and needs a friend.

Viewing 7 posts - 21 through 27 (of 27 total)

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