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    Mike(chronicracing), Elliot(skier), Chadwick, and myself set out for a moon mission on Mt. Saint Helens last friday. We left Portland around midnight, parked at the Marble Mountain Snowpark, started skinning around 2:30am, watched the sunrise at the weather station (with a ridiculous view of Mt. Adams), summited around 10am, and were drinking beer in the parking lot just after 12noon. It was an awesome day! A couple days before the trip it looked like it might rain on friday but as you will see in the video it was beautiful and sunny.

    Sorry I don’t have any pictures but my picture camera sucks hard. Maybe chronicracing will post some of the pictures he took.

    Shred ON!


    christoph benells
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    rad dude. when i was up on weds and thurs i was thinkin st helens would be in good condition.

    what was the snow like at the top?

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    The snow on top was like crusty wind packed snow if that makes any sense… as we got lower it turned into the classic spring summer corn shred.

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    ShredOr with Monitor point in background.

    Fire on the Mountain, Adams.

    Little drops in vid

    A little terrain

    Good times were had by all. :guinness:

    Kyle Miller
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    Great work guys, that must have been an amazing experience!

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    A few more pics, thanks Elliot.

    Moon in the trees

    Helens moon lit

    It’s starting to burn

    The rim, winds 40+ mph

    Chronic, staying upright


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    Nice! Looks like a great midnight mission. You midweekers make me jealous… :drool:

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    Great stokage and use of moonlight!

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