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    Hey yall,
    So I am still pretty new and one of my buddies, whose first trip will be this one, are looking to go up to paradise pass at some point prior to Christmas. I found a trail description to go up to panorama point for snow shoeing. Anyone know if that route has any fun drops? And if you have any extra info on the route that would be great. Or if anyone knows any fun routes in the general area of Mt. Rainier I would love to hear about them. Thanks


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    Howdy. There have been so many trip reports and route betas shared about the south side of Rainier, have you tried a Google search?

    If you want a super easy short tour with some different faces and aspects to ride out of the Paradise lot, Edith Creek Basin is no secret and has some good short lines with easy access.

    Good luck!

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    If there is decent snow at Paradise consider the Tatoosh Range, instead of heading up higher on the mountain. Park at Narada Falls and hike toward Castle Mountain (SE?). The Tatoosh often holds some really choice snow with a short approach.

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    Probably late to comment but the Tatoosh Range is fan-freaking-tastic and I recommend that over Paradise every time. Less people, too.

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