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    Couldn’t hook up with one of the heli drops today so I went up to try and find a partner. Found 3 groups of friends waiting at the Lodge for the alpine to open, hooked up with one and headed out

    First group up to the alpine

    The usual 930 Jong show in to the Blackcomb slackcountry.

    About to drop of the back of the Spearhead down the Circle Glacier. Pattison and Tremor in the distance.

    Putting in the skintrack across the lake. A group of Quebecois was also on the move to Pattison, they had to be back in the valley for their 3pm shifts. You’d think there was free poutine up there at the rate they were moving
    Our first run in the background.

    Up the Decker Glacier

    Jeff checking out our entrance, Trorey Glacier, Pattison NW Face looking good

    I took the first line in

    Looking back at our lines on the south side of Decker, with the Spearhead directly behind

    Jeff, with the frenchies ahead, just about to go behind Pattison

    Just about to get on the ridge up to the peak

    Jeff, making the traverse

    Obligatory pose

    Looking down the NW Face… a guy hiking up to retrieve his ski.

    John, moving out of the way of the sluff/slab he cut out

    We hooked up with this traverse a couple Spanish guys put in for some bonus pow


    Back up the Trorey Glacier, then over and up the back of Decker

    John checking out the Finger Chute, after his girlfriend took first tracks.
    Me, wishing my rope wasn’t left on another mountain 5 days ago. Sketchy entrance

    The only pic I could find looking across at Decker and Finger Chutes.A fracture from last year.
    We rode the one directly above the right end of the moraine. The entrance has a diagonal wedge of sun and a peak behind the sunny flat top of Decker.

    Looking up at Jeff in the chute

    After that it was out behind a ridge, some more pow turns, and back in to the ski area.

    Lastly, some manmade freshies

    Another good day in the mountains.


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    Cool pics! Such a rad playground! :thatrocks:

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    :drool: :drool: :drool:

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    Hard to beat Blackcomb backcountry on a nice day :thumpsup:

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