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    this one is on the west side. Ta Hui spotted it from the bronco chutes.
    not the best snow, but a really fun, low angle line.


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    NICE. i love long runs. they are somewhat rare in tahoe.

    do you go up and over tamarack or ??

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    hey junkie,
    i always have gone over tamarack and past the hourglass area to get to houghton. but this time i took the sno-mo road from further down and it was a lot faster and easier. i just try to show up before the sno-mo’s. far more enjoyable skin.
    and, of course, the trip back to the car is cake.

    oh yeah, the name “powder junkie”,
    reminds me of what my brother has been saying for many years-
    “crackheads have it easy, look what we have to go through to get our fix.” :drool:

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    Niiice. Like the slashes!

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