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    christoph benells
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    I did this run 2 days in a row.

    first day i went solo with my dog. He likes sticks, dirty snow and waiting in the van for me to get done climbing and riding.

    classic chris benelli travel techniques with brake and check engine light on in my dash, and neil young on the stereo. I also listened to grandaddy’s “saddest vacant lot in all the world” too.

    this song was in my head all day. Sorry scralph im a biter.


    The second day i was joined by these folks.

    Here is a close up of the face and chute from different locations on the mountain. (File photos)

    Looking up the chute from Day 1. This is on a glacier and there are small crevasses and bergschrunds all up in there

    Awesome carefree turns in superbowl

    Posing in front of the old chute route. The little black speck between the bergschrund and my left knee is a skier. this is a big mountain.


    high cascade is getting ramped up for the summer. AKSLTXLT you would love their bowl setup.

    Beers at trillium lake

    The snow is so sick on the volcanoes right now. so sick we couldnt stop to take action photos.

    After dropping off the buddies on day 2 I got hit and ran on in northeast portland. so surreal. two gangsters were in a car chase. the guy doing the chasing ran head on into my driver side front wheel. He sped off and i was left perplexed. the whole line of traffic got out of their cars and was gawking. My car needs some fixing.

    So who’s got next weds and thurs off? i need a ride to the mountain, i’ll buy the beer!

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    Chris you’re definitely becoming a regular feature on Wy’east! Way to get in on some of the last goods of this epic May. Sucks to hear about you’re incident on the way home. Exactly the reason I drive mostly sober these days. I’m not worried about me, it’s the other a******s

    btw Neil rocks my soul! I’ve seen him solo, crazy horse, csn&y, takes me up, takes me down, puts me at ease….

    christoph benells
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    @chronicracing wrote:

    mostly sober

    😆 😆 😆 im kinda glad it was a hit and run…i didnt really feel like talking to the cops… :doobie:

    i guess 3 wyeast climbs in 7 days makes me a regular. no wonder my thighs are so sore.

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    Dang Chris! Strong work! Sorry to hear about the car….

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    Nice work up there Chris. Sent you a PM about next Thursday. I’ll never pass on someone else buying beers.

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    Sweet pics man! I was just thinking today how I wanted to get up on Hood and was wondering how the conditions were. Looks like there is still plenty of fun left up there!

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