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    christoph benells
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    I apologize up front for the trip report with no riding shots, but we all know what low angle glacier soul turns are. except for this guy…

    (obligatory skier shot)

    i tried to explain the concept of soul turns to my skier buddy but he couldn’t fathom the idea. I said “look dude you can skate it, you can surf it, or you can make soul turns.”

    skiers only get to turn left or right. maybe they can turn right twice in a row. boring.

    anyways, starting at 3800 feet we skinned for a ways past tilly jane cabin (site of up coming Oregon splitfest) up to the treeline, and up the tilly jane creek drainage. cool halfpipe action.

    it wouldnt be a cascade volcano without a bit of icy ice

    we climbed up to 8500 ft or so and looked at some crevasses and made some Bear Gryll’s jokes.

    i should be doing a cool slash in this photo but instead im doing the angry bird.

    Chris Benelli- the alpine hipster

    the snow was sweet sweet velveeta nacho cheese with a couple of water ice in patches. i pulled off a de la rue down one and hooted.

    Kyle Miller
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    Right on man I was drooling at Hood as Kathy and I were driving back from Shasta!

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    Nice work! Looks a bit different up there in the winter (and colder!)….

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    Your camera man coulda gave you a little tilt.. that second pic looks sic when I turn my camre a little..

    Kiddin.. looks like fun climbing.

    christoph benells
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    haha yeah i tried to doctor it on iphoto to make it steeper but it didnt look right.

    it actually was good ice for climbing but its really only like 100 vf to the top of the moraine. it would be funny to go down there without crampons…you’d be stuck and sad.

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    i flew over hood last week and was reminded again what a beautiful mountain it is.

    “nacho cheese snow” i’ll have to remember that one.

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