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    I got a look at this one a few weeks back, and it seemed like it hadn’t been hit by the winds this year.

    (Taken from Mt Huntington):

    Joe was already out there, a day ahead of me. So on Friday night I hiked in after work, and set up camp below Bear Creek Spire.



    I packed up camp and headed over Cox Col, where I found Joe on the West side above Lake Italy.
    After dropping off some gear, we set off for the East Face of Gabb.



    On the summit, looking down into the North Couloir:

    On the ridge:

    Looking North:

    Skiing down into the couloir:

    The top had been stripped by the wind, and involved some navigating through the rocks.
    Joe opted to do this a little more gracefully than I did:

    Back to the snow:

    Now it’s time for some skiing:

    Out on the apron:

    Looking back:

    From the bottom of the Couloir we had a short climb over Gabbott Pass to get back to camp:

    It’s over there somewhere:

    Matching tents:

    Mt Julius Caesar:


    Climbing back over Cox Col in the morning:

    Below Bear Creek Spire:

    Heading down into Rock Creek Canyon:

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    Fabulous pics BCD! 8)

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    @bcrider wrote:

    Fabulous pics BCD! 8)

    My thoughts exactly.

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    WOW – enough said!

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    Sweet TR and pics as usual! BD could make an entire catalog with just your pics:

    @bcd wrote:

    Matching tents:

    Mt Julius Caesar:


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    My God. If by some miracle we get 6 inches or more of snow I know where I’m going. I never knew that line existed.

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    BGnight, what about that pair of rock outcroppings 1/3 way down? That would seem to be the only choke obstacle to the nice long line.

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    Wow – really cool line. Nice action shots too!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    one of my favorite spots in the Sierras – thanks for the huge stoke & beta. and whippets. more whippets! heading up and out next weekend 😀

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    this mt gabb looks like a very nice line, way to go. snow conditions also looked pretty good up there. amazing pics, good action shots even though they are skiiing 😀

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    Don’t worry, I’ll post some shots of BCD riding his board on Gabb too. But beware, I may have shots of him skiing too!

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