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    The snow doesn’t seem to want to melt this year. After a week or so of warmer temps, things cooled back down this week and the snow is, once again, freezing at night.

    Leaving a little before 7am we started up the Saddlebag Lake road and off towards Conness. The first bit was fairly suncupped, but as we started to climb the suncups smoothed out, even on S/E aspects.

    Climbing the ridge:

    A few hours of walking, skinning, and boot packing and we were on the plateau that is just below the summit.
    Powderjunkie pulling the last few moves:

    big, gaping crack above the Conness Glacier:

    Going to the summit wasn’t in the cards due to a lingering patch of snow on the sketchy part. So we buckled in and rode our snowboards….



    looking back up:


    over to the second half of the descent, bcrider dropping in:

    looking back:

    from there a short skin brought us up to the second run of the day.
    climbing the ridge with North Peak in the background:

    and riding down:

    and from there across the semi-frozen lake, past the Kool Aid Canal….

    …and a long ski down the road and back to the car.

    stay tuned for more photos.

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    Nice work crew!

    Was the lookers right entrance to the S gotten?

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    Nice work. PJ must have been one tiered chap on the ride home. Looks like conditions were much better on Conness than Leavitt. Did you guys start climbing from Sawmill Campground or boot the Greensmoke Bowl to the plataeu?

    Anybody heading back this weekend? Overnighter?

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    Damn, Powderjunkie you should change your name to Iron Legs.

    After, Leavitt I thought I was done w/ this season. The snow actually looked somewhat decent back in there though for you guys.

    Long trip for a 1 day…way to hustle.

    BCD…not quite rock climbing season yet for ya ❓

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    Right on bcd! 8)

    Sweet pics! I’ll get mine added tonight.

    That was a sweet day and a bit of a tradition for me (5 years now). I’m stoked I was able to show you something for a change. That area is really awesome. We scored some great conditions too. I trust that you’ll be heading back for more soon. Get some for me! 🙂

    Ps. mmcpheet…sweet “you rockâ€Â

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    Awesome. Pic of canal demands a pond crossing. Let’s see that in the next tr.

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    Good Day. 😀

    some more visuals

    bcr climbing to Conness

    I don’t think you can see Half Dome from Dana. 8) But I could be wrong.


    bcr in the Y

    bcd in the Y


    bcr from another angle


    Greenstone Lake

    Couldn’t ask for better spring conditions. Thanks for the great day guys.

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    Was the lookers right entrance to the S gotten?

    We shoulda after looking at bcd’s picture.

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    Cool pics PJ! I’m stoked you came with us this day. 🙂
    I know you got some more pics though…where is the rail jib on the dam? :mrgreen:

    Here are mine.

    The moon as I pulled into the TH at 12:30am.

    I didn’t take many pics of the approach. The beginning of this tour starts on snow covered road for about 1.5 miles. We walked the road to the Sawmill Campground and then started aiming towards the summit plateau.

    Here is a pic of the route (without snow)

    PJ on the way up.

    Last year we gained the plateau on the looker’s left side, this year it was the right.

    PJ at the crux.

    Once on the plateau, we took a look around.

    bcd likes the birds eye views.

    Looking down from the middle section of the Y couloir.

    Big cracks in the Summit couloir. They were just begging to be aired over but we opted for the Y.

    Looking down the skier’s right entrance to the Y.

    PJ drops in.

    bcd goes next.

    The snow was PERFECT, soft enough to instill confidence for ripping but not too ripe to cause wet slides.

    On the way over to the S couloir bcd get all-layback-surf-stylie on us. Not bad for a dude from the ice coast. 🙂

    As I guessed (and hoped) the S couloir was still good to go from the top.

    bcd felt right at home.

    PJ is next.

    BOOYA! More great couloir skiing and snow.

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    From the bottom we skinned over to GPS bowl. Can you say ripe?

    Looking down to Greenstone and Saddlebag lakes, still frozen.

    And over to North Peak…look at that coverage!

    PJ likes it.

    PJ airs into the bowl.

    and proceeds to “rip the shit out of itâ€Â

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    Y – S – GPS – Waterfall and out!! With several fancy airs to boot. What a day.

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    Friggen beautiful pics guys. That area is awsome. Can’t believe how much coverage is still left on the southerly faces like north peak. fantastic year!!!

    p.s. PJ. I still gotta find my other flash card and post the pics for sonora of you, knucklesplitter and puff nat. will try to look for it this weekend.


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    @towelie wrote:

    Can’t believe how much coverage is still left on the southerly faces like north peak. fantastic year!!!

    Hey BCD –
    Did you get an eyeful of the West Ridge route on Conness? Is there any snow on the climbing route? We’ve got a multisport mission planned and could use any beta you’ve got.

    This is a very envy inducing TR you bastardz!

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    From where we were we couldn’t see the West ridge, but I bet that thing has been snow free for a while. There aren’t any big ledges along the route and it faces kind of South. Getting off the summit might be tricky, but if you have a rope it’ll be fine.

    I think the snow/rock linkups are going to be the hot new trend in the Sierra this summer. You gonna climb that thing with skis on your back?

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    You guys are killing me! I so wish I could have gotten out there again this year for the annual Conness cornfest but it wasn’t in the cards this time. Next year for sure. Anyway, way to, um, “slay” it! 🙂 Oops, sorry, I meant:

    Looks like you scored perfect conditions, hit some sweet lines, and even got to bypass any heinous lake traverse. How did the Conness glacier look? That thing was just butter this time last year. I can’t believe how huge those cracks are in the summit chutes! Those things were still filled in at this point last year, and there’s even more snow this year. Damn. Anyone up for a straight shot down Oh Shit? 😯 And geez, S couloir looks like a freakin’ ski run! Someone needs to get that looker’s right entrance.

    Wonder what North Peak chute is looking like. With this much coverage it will probably still be good for at least a couple more weeks… but I wonder if it has a honkin’ schrund like on the summit chutes.

    And what’s this?? An area of the Sierra that BCD hadn’t hit yet??? ❗

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    @bcd wrote:

    I think the snow/rock linkups are going to be the hot new trend in the Sierra this summer. You gonna climb that thing with skis on your back?

    I think we’ll leave the skis on the plateau and just use them for the approach and ski back to Saddlebag. I know it woud make for some bitchen pictures to see dudes gripping the West Ridge granite with skis strapped to their packs, but the climbing itself will be a challenge enough for me…..and if so inspired I’ll photo-shop those motha’s in before I post my pics.

    Jimbo – I was just thinking this morning about when I could get to North Peak to hit the NE Couloir. Maybe in a week or so. This is from a couple of weeks ago from a ways North.

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