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    Hey fellow splitters!! Wondering if anyone is headed to the Baker or Silverton Splitfest, or both!? Kinda of sitting here twiddling my thumbs to see what looks good (coming from the kootenays)… and i’m feeling these will be rad places to shred! So was thinking of being in the baker area for the splitfest, then slowly take my time and head to Silverton while shredding sweet lines, and I’m looking for friends, or people that know where to go! Thanks guys, hope to see ya out there! Oh ya limited tickets for Silverton. but i’ve always wanted to go there! Ya if anyone is doing both, and have like 2 weeks to shred hard, lets meet up. and shred!

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    Sounds like a hell of a road trip amigo, enjoy! :rock: I drove out for the Silverton Splitfest last year and really enjoyed it. Great event, sweet town and amazing terrain…get ‘er done :thumpsup

    Wish I had the time this spring for more shenanigans :mrgreen:

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    Hey that’s exactly what I was thinking! Here’s my loose plan, drive to Baker SF, shred that zone til Tuesday, then drive to Tahoe, tour there and the Sierra til Saturday, then on to the Rubys for a few days, then Salt Lake and the Wasatch, then Silverton SF. Definitely willing to make adjustments and open to other zones.

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    Going to both!

    Also, feel free to stop by Oregon Splitfest on Mt. Hood on the way back to the Koots… 4/18 — 4/20. It’s a tour-in splitfest at a historic site at 6k feet. Our cabins are full but you’re welcome to camp and shred with us.

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