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    What a weekend. I want to thank all of you that made it out this year. The estimate is over 200 people touring on splitboards and well over 350 at Chair 9 for the raffle! With your help NWAC will be getting a donation of over $8,000! :bananas:

    And if you didn’t make it out this year there’s always next year, cheers! :guinness:

    Friday night in the demo tent

    BCA was showing off their packs

    The Saturday herd! If you wondered if there was anybody to tour with a couple of these photos should answer that.

    This is Jens, this was his second weekend on a splitboard and is loving it.

    The SheJumps crew

    This view never gets old

    The raffle party

    The Sunday herd, a bit smaller and more hung over than the Saturday crew

    2017 Baker Splitfest, March 17th to 19th!

    wasatch surf
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    bummed I missed it this year, looks like a good time!

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    yeah. without a doubt, goin next year. looks rad.

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    I love Jens! That guy is super positive. Splitting needs more dudes like that.

    Thanks again Bob, super fun times as always.

    christoph benells
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    so stoked to see jens loving it!!!

    his permagrin has lasted all the way since the oregon splitfest!

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    One of my favorite events in of my favorite places. Thanks to those that put on the event.

    Some random photos of the Chimera crew. All taken on Mt Ann.

    Ripping skins

    One of many reasons why this place is special


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