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    So here’s another from the Mt Baker Splitfest. What a great weekend! We scored on the weather and had awesome snow conditions as well. Great job putting it all together Bob and Terry. Already looking forward to next year. The raffle was great, although a bit crazy and quite packed, with lots a of great prizes. I won some G3 skins. :thumpsup:

    More photos at

    Out first day we hit some of the low hanging fruit and it did not disappoint.

    bcrider starting off his day at Baker in the right fashion.

    I think bcrider likes it here.

    bs checking out a potential line. Yes it goes and it went.

    Mt Baker

    bs getting psyched to drop in.

    Kyle getting some

    bcrider’s turn

    Kyle blowing some smoke

    bs dropping in

    Trevor’s trun


    Because you must have clean teeth and fresh breath in the backcountry

    The next day we decided to go for something a little bigger.
    Let’s go up there.

    Still a long way to go.

    bcrider navigating over an old crown

    heading up the White Salmon Glacier

    bcrider on the Upper Curtis Glacier

    bs on the Upper Hanging Glacier with Mt Baker behind.

    bcride on the Upper Hanging Glacier with Mt Baker behind.




    Kyle watching Nomad at the entrance to the NW Couloir. Which didn’t go so we had to retreat.

    Mt Larrabee and American and Canadian Boarder Peak.

    bs and Klye with Mt Larrabee and American and Canadian Boarder Peak

    End of great day!

    Panoramic of Mt Shuksan and Mt Baker.

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    Amazing pictures! Love the blue ice. Never seen a glacier up close. Keep on shredding!

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    Really great pics jcocci! :headbang:

    Thanks for being such a great host/guide and making it a trip I wont forget! :thatrocks:

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    that was probably the most fun i’ve ever had touring with such a big party, and we lucked out on the conditions, too!

    thanks for the great photos, john, you put mine to shame! if only you hadn’t been the first one to drop in off that steep table mountain line, maybe i’d have a shot of me riding it instead of just peering down. there’s my motivation not to go 2nd next time…

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