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    Bad news….I just heard from the Mountaineers that they are unwilling to allow us to have the Splitfest at their lodge any longer. They are pointing to the drinking that happen in the lodge last year as the main reason for this decision. That leaves me without a venue. I searched high and low for a lodge last year that could house this group and the Mountaineers Lodge was the only place on the mountain that was large enough. So unless someone has some suggestions it looks like the Mt Baker Splitfest is going to be a one hit wonder.

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    dang, that sucks man. Have you thought about renting a place in glacier? only a half hour drive and i’m sure there would be enough cars on hand…I know there’s some larger places in glacier springs equipped for 30ish people, at least, and there’s even a new bar in the vicinity…chair 9. Heck, hold it at the chando! I’m sure you could work out something there…

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    We could always just setup a massive tent city right off the Heather Meadows parking lot! But that is really too bad about the mountaineers lodge… I was looking forward to participating in the splitfest this coming winter

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    I have no problem doing it in Glacier. Colin, can you e-mail me a contact for the the place that can do 30+

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    Bummer. We had a good crew from Utah excited to go this year.

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    Some of us drove 30-60 mins to get to the trailhead at the Kali split party last season and probably wouldn’t mind doing it again. Baker fest has to happen!!!

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    Some of us split fested at baker last year and didn’t stay at the lodge. I don’t see how it is contigent on that.

    curious… What happeneed to the FS CampGround in Glacier? I could be mistaken, but it seemed like it wasn’t where it used to be? near glacier creek?

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    Pointing to the drinking as the cause? Did they imbed a mole and spy on the amount of boozing going on?

    Or did a splitter blow chow all over, and forget to bury the evidence?

    I was really looking forward to hitting that up this year.

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    @sketchyt wrote:

    I have no problem doing it in Glacier. Colin, can you e-mail me a contact for the the place that can do 30+

    sent you an email

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    They dont want want us, well then fine. I thought it was lame that alcohal was banned (Its not an AA party) I met a lot of cool people there and had a great time, I also met some drunk girls but a good party isnt complete without a few beer sluts. Terry you should plan the Baker splitfest and have it somewhere else that allows adults to cut loose. If we have to drive 30 minutes to the trail head thats fine, Ill just stash my beer somewhere by the mountaineers lodge.

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    30 minute drive isn’t that bad and if it permits some more flexibility that a “family friendly” venue prevents, such as the aforementioned beer sluts and what I recall being a pretty early “quiet time”, then it’s well worth it.

    The event seemed far too popular to be a one hit wonder. Build some igloos, pitch a tent, sleep in your truck… people will make it happen.

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    Yes, it was the actions of the “beer sluts” that has resulted in this banishment.

    I’m leaning toward the campingcondo idea and holdng raffle dinner at one the Glacier bars. And demo/meet-up tents set up in the upper lodge. Thoughts?

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    Its been a few years since I stayed in glacier, but i recall it wasn’t much drama (cheap, and lots of availibility). Biggest pain in the ass by far was renting a shitty car at seatac and having to drive it up to baker every am on icy roads.

    A few of us dirtbags could snap up some cabins, get in some olys, and take it from there.

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    Hey just throwin this out there, why not have it at Snoqualmie? A wide variety of accomodations are available, from hotel and fancy chalet rentals to full dirtbag status and couch surfing. There is night life and the event could be held on snow. There are even options for bonfires in the snow. The lifts run till 10pm which opens up headlamp tour options for the weirdos among us. Lots of good tours in the area…
    Terry, if your interested pm me and I can give you more ideas. I know the area well.

    Going down to Glacier is a buzz kill for me personally. Being able to stay up in the snow ups the stoke.

    Kyle Miller
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    @powslash wrote:

    A wide variety of accomodations are available.

    Yeah but not terrain. :mrgreen:

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    Oh yeah right the terrain sucks at Snoqs. Move along folks, nothing to see here. I know you’re just playing Kyle. Seriously though it could be cool.

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    Maybe it’s a good thing the Mountaineers pulled out. I’m feeling such good vibes here, I’m stoked to pull this off.

    One of the things from last year’s event I wanted to improve upon was the lack of local involvment. Because most of the locals already have someplace to stay, it was a little awkward to invite everyone to the Mountaineers lodge for the raffle dinner.

    So, we are going make some suggestions but leave it up to everyone to find their own place to stay. If you want to group up, get together and rent a condo in Glacier, or pitch a tent up on the mountain. You could even stay at the Mountaineers lodge, just don’t tell them you’re with the SplitFest 😉

    We will put together a meet up area in the parking lot near the trailhead and get some tents up for a demo center. We’ll find a place to hold the raffle dinner where everyone can be involved in the fun on Saturday night.

    The dates will be March 26th & 27th.

    Now who’s going to be in charge of the beer sluts? 🙂

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    Drinking? I doubt that any more than a dozen drinks were had in the lodge total. Tight asses. I didn’t catch any of the beer slut antics. Was it that bad?

    It would super fun to have it in glacier. It’ll be a good time no matter the setup. Whatever it takes Terry!

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    Let’s not keep this from having it happen. I am sure we can find a place in Glacier. Let me know if you need some help Terry. I have a contact or two in Glacier that I may be able to get some lodging contacts from.

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