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    dzook..where are you?

    I am going for Adams this weekend will post a TR with road info upon return

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    dzook: We started about 1.5 miles above the Wicky Shelter, and had about 2.5 miles of dry hiking and crossing some snowpatches. After that, it was skinning or cramponing up to the summit. From where we had to park, it was 5 miles of closed road to the proper TH. Now it’s about 2.5 I think, but wait for TopherVW’s update on that one, or check the USFS website for the area. I’m not too sure about total mileage if that’s what you’re asking.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

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    Thanks for the info guys, that’s super helpful. Yeah, Kjkrow, that’s what i was looking for, just what it was like over the terrain where the roads closed, I’ve never been up there, so just info-gathering for now.

    Tophervw, that’d be awesome to get an update on the conditions there, I imagine the snow is melting off pretty fast. The Park ranger lady told me the road wouldn’t be fully open until around mid-JULY, so that’s kinda crazy. I live in portland (how about you?) and its hot as hell at the moment.

    Looking forward to the upcoming TR-hopefully some pics?- tear it up!

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    sorry to have little info for you, but we bailed on our plans due to the forecasted thunderstorms. we plan to try again after the th of july weekend.
    We will be coming from Seattle if you are interested in hooking up on the hill…

    The CA group should have some beta to share after their trip.

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