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    Emerson and kindergarten with swanny:

    Dana Plateau solo day. Unknown chute > S chute:

    It goes!:

    Powerhouse still technically goes most the way down:

    Now I’m ready for some Saddlebag slayage!

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    Heck yeah! Sweet shots. That first coolie looks all time.

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    Bad Ass chute’n BG

    C balke
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    Emerson and Kindergarten look sick!! good work!

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    Holy shit those chutes on the first day are so sick.

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    Nicely done!!! Beautiful pics as always.

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    dude! that is fine selection! pics are f’n beautiful

    Rico in AZ
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    Good to see some Sierra stoke in such a dry winter.

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    Nice post, I think we were at Wahoo a day or so before you were there. You ever driven to Emerson from the other south side of buttermilk road from the 168? Don’t know if my car can take the road from the buttermilks again…

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    There was a couple people that were up in wahoo the day we were there from the tracks we found on the way out. We drove in buttermilk and out the back way. The back way is longer but a tad smoother (actually the very start of it off the highway is pretty bad for a car). After doing both I’m not sure what I like better. I almost prefer buttermilk approach in my truck. There’s only a couple 4 low spots and bam you’re right back at the climbing area. I would never take a subaru or the likes back there.

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    Sweet stuff BG!

    When you thinking for Sbag?

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    Just got back from there 😉
    I want to go back out but prob not gonna be for a week or so. Its super fat back there. I was lucky enough to find about 10″ of blower at north peak today!!! Best line of the season too.

    C balke
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    @bgnight wrote:

    Just got back from there 😉
    I want to go back out but prob not gonna be for a week or so. Its super fat back there. I was lucky enough to find about 10″ of blower at north peak today!!! Best line of the season too.

    Jealous!! I was wondering who was going to hit it after that little storm. Which side of North Peak did you ride?

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    Duh! He rode the chutes (yes plural) of course! Bastard. 🙂

    OK, lets see more boring epic photos… 😥

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    Sick sick sick! Photos and terrain!

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    Rode my bike up the Saddlebag (never realized how much that sucks with a heavy pack. Worst part of the day). I ran into 2 skiers from Tahoe at the dam. They walked the entire road that morning 😯 and did not seem happy that the Forest Circus had the gate closed. They told me that the Mammoth Crest got 10″ of snow and they expect the same up high in this area. I thought they were high! To me, it looked like it snowed about 1-2″ tops at the bottom and maaaaybe 3-4″ up high. Glad I was wrong and they were right! They ended up skinning up to Conness and and I watched them climb Y chute. I’m sure it was as good if not better than what I got. It stayed cloudy for the most part today which was a good thing given what the sun does to powder in May. Otherwise, the new snow smoothed things out and should transition to some really good snow in the near future.

    The chute had awesome snow but rode a bit more off camber than normal at top. You just had to adjust your technique a little:

    The next chute. I’ve been wanting to hit this one forever and finally got in epic conditions. It rode much more fluid than the first chute and it couldn’t have been better snow. Being regular footed and the best snow being on the skiers right side I was able to make high speed bank turns the whole way down while my sluff stayed right down the gut (and there was some big slough!)

    Above the rock choke on steepest part:

    I love the entrance!:

    Perfect pow in steep couloirs in May! :rock:

    Foreshortening doing it’s thing but you get the idea:

    Started a nice wet slide on the sun baked snow outside the chutes:

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    You’re killing me…

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    Good stuff! kinda motivated now

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